The 3 pillars of content creation that grows your business

content creationContent is the foundation of a lot of small businesses and entrepreneurs. Do you use it in your business? If not, the chances are that you are spending considerably more on advertising that may not be working for you. Is there another way to get results?

Yes, the thing is that content creation does take a lot of time and the results may not be immediate so you may find yourself thinking that you do not want to do it. You want the quick results that you think can come from other means but you are not quite getting them, are you?

But the reluctance remains…

Unfortunate, really?

The quicker you realize that you have to do the work of content creation, the quicker you are likely to learn the skill and start to see the benefits of it. And the benefit is that people start to trust you and start to put their money on the table.

And that is helpful if you want to keep the business going, right?

So what are the three things to consider if you do want to use a content creation strategy to engage more of the people you want in your world? Keep reading.

  1.  Educate 

    So, the chances are that you know considerably more about your business, your products, your services than the regular person on the street.  How can you educate them with the content you create and because you are creating a lot of it, can you ensure that it remains educational?  You can use eBooks, reports, blog posts like this one, infographics and much more to raise the awareness level of your potential customers.Now, the truth is to create content in the quatities that get results, you may have to talk a lot about the same thing but you are always expanding, your body of knowledge is always increasing if you are committed to what you do in business so do not assume that because you wrote something a little while ago, you now cannot write about the topic again.

    You can.

    Just include your new and improved way of looking at things.

  2. Inspire 

    When I create content, I have a few strategic posts that are designed to educate and inform but then I also write whatever is on my heart for that day.  Yes, I do create content on a daily basis which may seem a lot to most people but for me, I love to write and I also see the benefit of it to my business.The thing is, I have no expectation that people will read everything I write but I do know that each person that does drop by my site will be impacted by a different piece of content and that can be the cause of a change in their life so I do the work to impact as many people as I can by my motivational, inspirational content.  Not everyone will buy from me but I do believe that the more people I serve whether free or not, then the more money I am going to make.

    So far that proves true.  You can get far too concerned about how much money you are making before thinking about how many people you are serving.  I try always to start with the people but I certainly do not always get it right.

  3. Entertain 

    In this category of content creation, it would be great to do things like contests, competitions, games, videos and more of the same ilk.  I suppose for me that would be my Facebook Page.  I do not always consider myself entertaining but maybe, I take myself far too seriously!  Every so often, I put together a song as well for people to use as an affirmation that plays round and round in their heads unti they truly believe it through and through.  That could be considered entertaining, right?The Business Coach that sings – Certainly a novel concept!

Anyway, those are the three pillars of content creation and marketing and as you use them consistently in your business growth plans, you will be surprised to see the attention you start to get.  Think about it all deliberately and start to put together content that helps YOUR people get to know you, like you , trust you.  On the internet where most people spend their time, words do count.

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