Are you a conscious millionaire? Then you need a success plan…

Passion Alone Is Not Enough To Make Your (1)

At the moment, I am reading a book called Conscious Millionaire.

It appeals to me.

Because yes, I intend to be a millionaire within a few years…

And I intend to do it in a way that makes other people millionaires as well.

Yes, I know it all sounds way out there when I put it so baldly and yet, it is my truth… Making a difference and making a fortune is part of my mission statement.

And I have a plan, which I am currently executing and tweaking as I go.

So tell me, do you have a success plan for your business & life or are you just hoping and a-praying that things will work out the way you ‘hope’ they will?

Or maybe, even though you have these grand ideas about helping people, you really cannot see how you can use your interests, gifts and talents to make any money for you and your family…

So, you give up on that idea and decide to get ‘practical’ and boring?

You are bored by your life, aren’t you?

But somehow, you have convinced yourself that this is the only way to take care of your family, to make some money…

But there is a nagging sensation that this is not what you are created to do…

But as you cannot see how to transition across to doing & monetizing what you imagine, you give it up as a bad job…

How depressing!

How sad is it to live a life of mundanity when you have the potential to be awesome and to awesomely serve the people in your community with your gifting.

Surely, it is time to stop thinking & dreaming and definitely stop settling for less…

Is someone else doing what you want to do? Then why on earth, not you?

What makes you so unique that it wont work for you?
What if all you need to do is figure out a success plan and start taking action and slowly but surely (or maybe even speedily and surely), step into the person, the business, the life you are uniquely designed to live?

Man, I promise you that you will only look back with regret if you do not even try. So what are you going to do about it?

  • 1. Decide what your ideal life would look like

  • 2. Decide what you stand for and what you actively dislike

  • 3. Decide what you want to offer, what needs you want to solve

  • 4. Figure out who wants what you offer and why they want it…

  • 5. Decide how you will tell them that you offer it

  • 6. Decide how to show your uniqueness when you tell them

  • 7. Decide how you will provide your product/service and how you will get paid.

Simple steps that if you do consistently, will provide you with as much business as you want.

So, will you?

If you want some support in creating a marketing system that will enable you to build a business that grows and grows and grows, then let’s have a conversation –

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