Do you seriously want what you say you want?

Seriously? or do you only want it when you feel good about life.

If you are deadly serious then you know that you cannot only act on getting it when it feels good, when the time is right, when life opens up a window, when the kids are not yelling, when the partner feels good about it…

None of those reasons are good enough for you not to buckle down and create the life, the business you want.

Sometimes, we get into this headspace where it feels like we can only work when it feels good and that is such a lie. If we only do things when everything is perfect then guess what? You are choosing to live a mediocre life and that is a CHOICE you are making, it is not happening to you. You are making it happen.

Recently, I woke up feeling flat, feeling lower than normal, feeling like I just want to go back to sleep really and well, I could…

But there is work to be done. I also recognize that I am just reacting in fear because I am writing a blog post for another website today and I am slightly nervous that it will not be good enough.

And like most people, when I face internal fear, my initial action is ‘no action’ until I notice what I am doing and get back to work.

Something I have been trying more recently is to love myself despite my weird tendencies because one thing I know for sure is that whacking oneself upside the head when one is being silly is not actually helpful at all. It just makes you feel bad and still, nothing gets done.

However, when I choose to notice, forgive and love myself despite my occasional silly moments then everything works out just fine in the end.

But please do not get me wrong, this is not a patient kind of ‘don’t do anything until you feel better’ kind of love. Oh no!

If I do that, then I can be assured of the mediocre life that I refuse to live.

No, this is a ‘Honey, you are loved. Now get to work’ type of love. It gets me into action. It makes me start doing my work even if I am worried that others will not like it.

I do it because I LIKE IT.

This kind of love helps me remember that if I base my whole life on whether I get external validation then again, I am assured of a mediocre life and that is certainly not my goal.

We can be so easy on ourselves at times.

We are capable of so much more than we give ourselves credit for and I have been putting myself to the test recently. I am challenging myself to write a lot more than I ever have and I am finding the whole experience exhilarating because suddenly I realize that the ceiling I placed on myself was just a limitation that I can smash through.

I love seeing just how much I truly am capable of.

And this is the thing, I think I am capable of so much more even than this and I want to test myself. I want to push through and keep making things happen and yet, there is that crazy voice inside telling me to slow down, to BE more, to be mindful and after a lifetime of listening to it and thinking it was truth.

I now realize that it was the voice of fear.

And I have spent too long listening to it.

It does sound so inviting, doesn’t it?

It sounds so sensible as though it is correct. And everyone around you probably agrees with it. They tell you to relax, you are doing too much. After all, you have this situation in life and that other situation and you have to rest, relax and ultimately, do nothing until you die (the voice or even your loved ones do not tell you of this last bit, of course)

Of course, it is great to be mindful. Of course, it is great to be at peace, Of course, it is great to be rested so it all sounds like wisdom, doesn’t it?

But then, you realize that you are going days, weeks, months, listening to this voice telling you to slow down, to let things happen in their natural course and you realize that the happiness it assures you of, is not present.

You are not getting anywhere. Life is still one situation after another.


And you start to doubt the voice or at least I hope you so. Lots of people give into despair and think that this is all life has to offer!

Hopefully, you realize that the happiness that you are looking for, the freedom you want, the wealth you seek, is found when you are pushing through, when you are really tapping into all that you can be, it is found as you see yourself for what you are…

A supremely capable human being. A life creator.

That gentle sounding voice of seeming wisdom is not the truth…

And when you look it dead on, you see that actually, it is fear disguising itself as wisdom and you have listened to it because you were afraid that you were not enough.

And you are.

You are enough.

YOU can create the life you want to create and you can do the work that it requires.

So get to work, stop doubting yourself, stop listening to fear and start to listening to the even deeper voice within you that wants to test the limits, that wants to see how far you can go, how much you can conquer.

Start today to conquer.

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