How Your Lack of Confidence is Holding You Back from the Successful Life You Desire

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Wow!  The last two weekends have been so powerful and inspiring.  First of all I went to Santa Monica in the USA for the Extraordinary Woman’s Intensive which was for coaches who wanted to work with powerful women.

At this conference, I faced up again to my lack of self confidence around singing.  Time and time again, I decide to use my voice in my work as a way to get beneath the surface quickly and yet, I back down as I cannot see how using my musical talents will be accepted by the clients I want to work with.

I am still uncertain but I am so much more open to giving it a whirl.  So expect to see me singing more here on the blog (Watch out for Musical Thoughts) and also, I hope to have a few physical workshops with a few select people to help them break free of their doubts and fears as I do the same too.

Then, this last weekend, I went to the ‘Rise of the Warrior’ event.  This was arranged by the amazing Benjamin Leppier who runs my amazing Mastermind – The League of Warriors.  It too was an awesome, inspiring event and I got to facilitate one of the tables with people discovering the power of the mastermind.  Time and time again, I am reminded that people are such powerful beings and sometimes, we forget that.  Events like this remind us of our own power.

Table groups of 6 or so people bring their challenges to the table; together we dig deeper and then by the end of it, there are a few more options on the table that will help people move forward.  Options they may not have considered alone suddenly become feasible when the challenge is questioned and looked at through the eyes of the others on the table in an atmosphere of trust, love, honesty and confidentiality.

I have experienced the power over the last year and my businesses, my life has gone from strength to strength as a result.

The thing about all this is that the people who lack self confidence show up in two ways

  1. They either pretend they need no help to take themselves forward because they feel that to admit their need for support is to admit that they are weak so they stay hidden and put on a brave face.  All the while, they suffer in silence
  2. They don’t even show up at all.  They tell themselves constantly that they lack self confidence and make no attempt to turn things around.  They give in to their fears and though they feel like they want to live their live more, they just cannot as they decide there is no way around their lack of self confidence.

Both of these methods of dealing with this lack hold you back so completely from living a successful life.  When you are locked in fear in this way, you are unable to see your successes, your mind is focused on your failures and you feel trapped in circumstances you cannot control (or so you think!).

Is there another way to think? to act? to live?

Absolutely yes!

Sometimes, you will not know the exact way to make your dreams come true but just by choosing to remain open to a different way of living and thinking, you are enabling yourself to gain confidence as you walk the walk.

Are you tired of living a half life? Whether you have the trappings of success or not, then join me for the replay in both audio and video format.  Click the button below and book yourself a slot.  Come and hear 7 strategies to build that self confidence and hear me sing as well as talk to you as I too, dare to grow my confidence in the use of singing to get the message across even more clearly.

This success journey is one we take together so join in.

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