I have been disobeying my own advice when it came to this.  I had this idea about 12 – 18 months or so ago, possibly more but I was so caught up in trying to play to the rules of online coaching and telling myself how much I was worth (as if my work defines my inherent worth!!!!) and all of that stuff and so I stopped listening to my own intuition.

As you know, I am committed to Project 334k – I feel called to serve 334 thousand people a month – 4 million spiritual people each year from all over the world who want to empower other people and make more money in their own business.  This excites me no end.

Imagine with me, 334000 people from all over the world living life deliberately, free from guilt, shame, fear of punishment, freely creating life however they want to create it.  Imagine the difference we can make to the world together!  Changing the world may not even be your goal but this is what I know – If you are happy, fulfilled, living a purpose-driven life, not concerned about money anymore because you are now making money doing what you love to do, You will change the world just by being you!

And that is my heart for so many people and I do believe that people need coaching/mentoring to make this happen.

Yes, one on one coaching might be your preference…

But when you are not able to afford that yet, then a mastermind group is ABSOLUTELY NECESSARY!  It is where I began, in the Tycoon Mastermind Alliance.  That is where my true journey began and as great as that was, the Deliberate Millionaire Assembly is better! Much, much Better. The personalisation is incredible.

Check it out or keep reading –


There is so much to learn, so much to get distracted by, disillusioned by, so much to put in place and it can get pretty confusing especially if you are coming from working for someone else to doing your own thing.  You need an objective outside voice giving you support.  I personally know the effect coaching had on me.

I might still be a pharmacist, if not for working with coaches who called out the greatness in me.


Because, honey I see you!

I see the pain you have gone through…

I see the way you play small!

I see you getting caught up with various distractions…

I see you trying a bit and then losing heart because it all seems impossible…

I see you wanting to make your business work, wanting to live a life of freedom, purpose, wealth, fulfilment!

You feel called and yet, you don’t seem to be able to make the progress you want to make…

I see you buying into your sad story and you don’t even realise it is still binding you up!

And you need a posse!

A group of people whose only agenda for you is that you win!

Because let’s be honest, the people around you want you for their own agenda…

They want you to stay within the box of their expectations…

And you don’t always know whether it is right the demands they place on you or if you are being selfish or what…

And they do not get the big ideas within you!

They want you to play small!

And then there is all the fear you have about actually building your own business…

It takes time to build the confidence…

It took me 18 months to finally replace my income and maybe, you cannot afford the big mastermind prices for that period of time or maybe longer to get results. (yep, you could be the wonder that does it in a shorter time and in fact I hope you are!)

And I have so many people wanting my support and they actually cannot afford it…

That is their reality at the moment!

No matter how much I think they can.

I used to just tell myself that if they really wanted it, they would find a way like I did but you know what??, I don’t even care about that anymore!

What I care about, is having the ability to reach anyone who wants the support because we have a world to empower just by US, you and I, living life deliberately and I can help you do that!

I can help you get past your holdbacks, if you are willing…

I can help you see the money making opportunities that you are too clouded to see, if you are willing…

I can help you break free of horrid ties that keep you back from playing full out, if you are willing…

And so, I changed things in the Deliberate Millionaire.

The investment is incredibly cost-effective, at the moment!

81% off its full price.

And as always, you will still get access to me on livestream every business day within the group to get your specific sales, marketing, mindset, leadership questions answered.  I don’t care if it takes an hour to answer questions, I will do it because it helps!

All you need to do is take part in the #DailyCheckIn, which is also unique to the Club (and I hear google does this) where you tell us what you were up to the day before, what you want to do today to reach your goals and you ask for any support you need.

You will also get access to the ABUNDANCE LIBRARY, FREEDOM COLLECTION and other immersion courses – Over 100 of them – RosemaryNonnyKnight.com/deliberatemillionaire and the chances are, I will keep adding more based on your needs and what feels right to create – I am prolific that way and as I spot the needs in the Club, I will create more things to help.  Those programs alone are worth more than $4500 and you get them for your very low monthly subscription.

You get a twice a month RELEASE. RISE. THRIVE live call with me – We are divine beings as well as human beings so we take care of the inner blocks to peace and plenty as well as get specific coaching.

I have always wanted the Deliberate Millionaire Assembly to be accessible.  And I want you to win!  (Please do not ask for a free ride as that immediately tells me that you are not yet serious about winning)

I want it to be affordable to everyone that is determined to move forward wherever they are in the world.  I have so much information inside of me, I can always come up with a creative idea for you to grow your business, to get free of crazy relationships, to release yourself from anything that holds you back.

I am always expanding my knowledge, deepening my connection to the Divine, I see the things that keep people bound so much more clearly than they can see themselves, I literally am gifted with discernment and the ability to help people step up and play full out in their own lives and make more money as well.

I was scared of this though.

Scared of ‘cheapening’ myself…

Scared I would break my business!

Scared I would not make enough money!

Scared that people would not value it…

And maybe they will not.

But some will.

And it is that ‘some’ that I am called to…

And surely, they should not be hindered from going forward by a super-high investment.

Yes, I know, I know, I managed to come up with the cash even after bankruptcy but that is exactly why I need to share and teach on my way of thinking that allows me to do the scary things that most do not even realise that they can do.

And no, I can’t do anything that I do, just for the money.  It feels YUK.

I must follow the call on my life like I ask you to do too!

And so, I invite you to the DM Assembly.

I adore the community we are creating together.

It is transformational!

And it has the potential to be even more amazing when you come on in.

And if you are still reading this, then you are the Deliberate Millionaire I am looking for.

COme join in at RosemaryNonnyKnight.com/deliberatemillionaire

You know you have resonated with my work for a while now.

Maybe you cannot afford my $2500 a month personal one on one coaching price tag yet, but this is something you can do and I promise you this – I am committed to you and your success.

I promise to show up to call you out with my unique ‘Live Life Deliberately’ Livestreams in group…

I promise to answer your questions and even bring other experts in, in areas where I have no answer.

I promise to keep myself sharp so that I am always giving you the most current cutting edge ways of getting your business and YOU out there…

I promise to support you in getting past your old stories of pain so that you can completely create something amazing.

All I ask is that you choose to make this small investment and also that you CHOOSE TO SHOW UP in the Club.

Take part!


Ask for what you need!

I have created a safe place for us, Deliberate Millionaires, an incubator, if you will.  Somewhere for us to grow and to empower the world as we come alive.

Honey, it is time.

Come on in!


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