Clarity is not found on the fence or the sidewalk

By July 11, 2015April 9th, 2020Self Development
Clarity is not found on the fence or the sidewalkThe only way to get new results is to step out of the comfortable place and stand firmly one foot into the darkness.  There will never be a day when everything is exactly the way you think it should be before you move.  You are the one to make it perfect for you.

No one else can see the vision in your mind so unless you get it done, it will never be done.  And the world is really waiting for you to wake up and get into action. Yes, it will go on whether you do or you don’t but you know the vision, the dream in your head…

You know that if things worked the way you plan it, everything could be changed for a lot of people and mostly, for you.

So, don’t hold back.  Don’t stay hidden.  Don’t be less.

Step up. Claim the business – the one that makes you a lot of money.

Claim the life – the one that makes your heart sing.

It is within reach.  Yes, there is some hard work between here and there; after all, there is no magic bullet but you could do it.  You could make it happen.  You could be the only one in your family to make it happen and so what?

Be the only one…

Be the proud one who dares to be all.

I know, I know, you are already successful.

I know, I know, there is no real reason to upset the apple cart and yet, it is not enough, is it?

And most people don’t get that.

You are not most people. You are you and you need to wake up.

The unknown is there before you.  Make it known one step at a time.

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