Yes, I know it is the done thing to look down on yourself…

Yes, I know it is the done thing to think you are small…

Yes, I know it is the done thing to downplay your accomplishments…

And to pretend that you are less capable than you really are…

Yes, I know all that and frankly, I have decided not to play that game anymore.

I have decided to call myself out and own my awesome!

And I invite you to do the same as well.

Of what use is it to you or to anyone else for that matter for you to play this game of pretending that you are not capable of whatever you put your mind to?

How does that make anything better?

How does that change lives?

Why accept that you are just here to live a small life and die?


When you are created in the image of GOD!  why would you think that there is anything that you cannot do if you will just buckle down and choose to make it happen?

And some of you reading this, will have already dropped off because you are so used to thinking in weird terms of smallness and doubt and fear and you think that anyone telling you to think otherwise is feeding you a lie and has an ulterior motive…

Well, honey, think like that if you like and go back to your dissatisfying life.

We choose to step into clarity about our purpose – We know we are here to lead a happy, successful life and so anything that gets in the way of that, needs to be dealt with and gotten rid of.  We no longer allow ourselves to remain in unforgiveness, we no longer choose to people please, we no longer allow our fears and doubts to stop us from moving forward, we KNOW we are created to do something cool and nothing internally is going to stop us.  We face it, we deal with it, we strengthen our core.

While working out the internal ‘crazy’, we KNOW that we have to get to work.  This is not about wishing and waiting and hoping and praying alone; this is also about taking massive action on those plans and dreams and prayers and choosing to be leaders who make stuff happen.  We do not wait for permission to be and do all we can – OH NO!  We step up and we lead the way.  Let others be waiting on government bodies to save them, let others be waiting on a voice from teh heavens to tell them what to do next.  We do not wait, we see a need and we fill a need and that is it.

We do more than most because we believe that the dreams in our hearts are absolutely POSSIBLE and even as we feel doubt, we choose to cast it aside and move anyway.

We refuse to act like amateurs, we deliberately go find people to hang out with that enable us to accelerate.  We know how easy it is to fall in line with the majority, with the ‘norms’ so we work with coaches, mentors, mastermind groups, whatever we need in order to ensure we do not lose momentum as we claim the life we want to live.

We choose to make a difference to the people around us and even people far away from us.

We use everything at our disposal to make our dreams a reality.

We have decided that this journey is just not over until we reach our goals, our vision.

Whatever setbacks come our way, we keep solidly on path because it is all temporary.

We are unstoppable and day by day, we step up in courage, in leadership, in creativity.

We are leaders.

We show others what is possible when you make a decision.

We know that we are no different from anyone else except that we have chosen to tap into our power and so we create a different experience of life from most people.

Yes, we have to walk through the fire at times to get where we are going but we set our face like flint and we keep putting one foot in front of the other because the vision we have is just so much more awesome than maintaining our current ok experience of life.

We don’t wait for perfection – we make plans, we try it out, we tweak as we move.

The ‘norms’ just want us to slow down, take it easy, be less and we just say ‘NO’ and go on our way.

We listen into our bodies and rest when we need to…

We take care of ourselves internally and externally…

We know we are called to a big purpose and we have to stay healthy in order to make it happen.

Wealth begins to flow freely and easily to us as we get clear inside and take massive action because there are now no more self-imposed limits on what we can receive.

Clarity plus action equals wealth, my friend so are you ready?

Please remember.

  1. Your vision is your permission.
  2. You are capable of your calling.
  3. You are much more powerful than you realise.
  4. Yes you can get everything you want.
  5. You are loved. You are enough. You are worthy. You deserve the very best of everything.


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