Circumstances Beyond Your Control?

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People keep telling me the economy is bad where they live.  This, for you, may constitute circumstances beyond your control. Maybe it is true but…

Anyone can say that.

circumstances beyond your controlPeople look with envy on the UK and yet the economy is bad here as well.  We are narrowly avoiding a triple dip recession at the moment – Whatever that means!

There is fear here, there are feelings of helplessness, hopelessness here as well, People want change though there are different versions of what that means.

As always, there are those who refuse to give into the tide of despair; the ones who take the very same circumstances and make a living for themselves.  Then there are a vast number of others who continually tell themselves and anyone who will listen about how bad everything is.

There is a lot of blame to pass around as well.

  • Some say the government is not keeping their promises and creating jobs,
  • Some say it’s the foreigners who are coming in to take all the ‘non-existent’ jobs.
  • Some say the Banks are evil and caused the recession by lending willy-nilly
  • Some say the Banks refuse to lend so their business cannot grow
  • Some say All business people are evil and do not want to pay their taxes
  • Some say Taxes are too high on companies causing an inability to grow and create jobs that boost the economy.

While some are complaining about the above and a whole lot more (usually circumstances beyond their control), Others are just quietly taking control of their own destiny, their own lives their own circumstances and making their dreams reality.

Where do you fit? Are there circumstances beyond your control?

So yesterday, on the Facebook Page, I asked people to ask me any question and I got quite a few responses – A lot of them related to fulfilling their business and financial dreams when they had ‘absolutely’ no resources available to them.

The question I would like to put back to you is this –

Is that actually true?

Now, I know you think it is true and everything in you is completely convinced that circumstances outside your control are at work in your life that mean you are completely unable to make a change for you and your family.

I am here to tell you that that is a fallacy and a lie straight from Hell!  Strong words, I know but I need you to understand that there is ALWAYS a way.

On Thursday, Friday, Saturday just gone, I spent time unblocking over 10 ladies.  Most of them were convinced that they would not be able to even begin something.  By the end of the call, they had at least two steps they could take to start getting results.  Each lady was different and yet overall, they had all convinced themselves that there was no way out.

I am a girl who has lived in 2 parts of the world – the affluent UK and the not so affluent Africa (Seemingly!).  What I have seen is that people everywhere go through the same difficulties.  You may be surrounded by wealth and yet feel completely poor and wretched.  The truth is that wherever you are, there are people who are getting along nicely in the same environment in which you find yourself.

Yes, there are some people who get their wealth using horrid means and they are not ones to emulate.  However, lots of successful people opened their eyes to opportunities and created the life they want.  What makes them different? Was it easy? I am a firm believer that if one person can do it, then we all can do it.

The difference in my opinion is Mindset.

tweegram (10)

Yes, Yes, I know you wanted something specific, a step by step plan and that can come, just arrange a call or strategy session with me and we can put that down on paper.  The thing is, you are an individual and the steps to take for you are unique.  I will also get you to work on your mindset, just so you know! 🙂 Go over to the Coaching Page or the Resources Page and see how we can work together to make a massive shift in your circumstances.

Also, take a look through this site and there are numerous FREE articles detailing the steps you can take to get that first taste of success.  Keep asking the questions on the Facebook page or below, keep reading the blog, the answers will always be addressed.  My goal is to empower you to live your best life because YOU can change the circumstances of others around you.

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