Who is in your circle of influence?

Who is in your circle of influence

Who is in your circle of influence?


If you hang around 4 millionaires, you will be the 5th.

If you hang around 4 people on the path to purpose, you will be the 5th

If you hang around 4 people who are moaning, groaning, whining, you will be the 5th


Sometimes, the rules (if there are any!) are really that simple.

And yet, we seek to complicate them.

We seek to pretend that there is some other magic potion that will somehow propel us to ultimate success without any effort.

We want to remain comfortable with friends who are going nowhere and taking us with them and guess what? You can try that but you will feel wrong every step of the way as the people around you keep questioning you and wondering why you keep putting the effort in.

They want you to remain the same…

They want you to be the same person that you are no longer satisfied with…

They do care for you but they do not understand this drive within you to win…

And if you let them, they will keep you down.

The question is…

What do you want?

Because if you want to live a life of purpose, if you want to be fulfilled, if you want to be super- successful and rich, you just cannot keep living the way you always have…

And yes, it will take some hard decisions from you…

It really will.

What got you here, will not take you there.

You have to choose.

If you have kids, you know the truth of this and so you try hard to make sure that their friends are people that will keep them on the straight and narrow…

You get them into schools that will increase the chances that the people they hang out with are useful people to have in their lives…

And you do whatever it takes for your kids…

But what of you?

When will you start to really take your ambitions and desires serious?

While you try to keep one leg in the ‘ever forward’ camp and the other in the ‘stuck in place’ camp, you will always struggle to take quantum leaps forward.

Choose your circle of influence with care, friend if you have plans to excel in this one short life we have.

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