Cinderella, The Step Mother and No, Life’s not fair

Cinderella, The Step Mother and No, Life's not fair

So, I went to the movies again with my princesses and this time, we watched Cinderella – the latest Disney princess addition and it was so-so. There were parts of it that really got my attention and of course, that was the moment that my middle princess decided that she needed the loo.


Slight Aaargh!


And we had the beautiful Cate Blanchett as the wicked stepmother and ok, ok, I know that it is all a fairy tale but I got to wondering what made the wicked stepmother, the wicked stepmother and in this one they tried to give her a little bit of a story (Only a little bit, mind you)


There is a scene where she says, while explaining why she is so nasty, that she had done the ‘love’ marriage first and he had been taken from her and then she went on to do the ‘wealth’ marriage and he had been taken from her as well.


And for a second, I could feel her pain.


She had played by the rules, she had attempted to get her own happy ending and yet, it had been taken out of her hands.


And now she had decided to get her two daughters looked after and married for money and still, she had not got what she wanted.


So… she took it all out on poor cinders!


As I put finishing touches to People Please No More (the amazing 28 day program which begins on Monday and If you want it at this super low price, you best get on board now!), one of the things people do when currying for favour is hope that by following ‘the rules’, then they will get everything they want and well… it does not always work that way.


Life’s not fair and any attempt to pretend that it is, fails dismally and leaves you feeling like this crazy step mother.


And it is so painful when you realize that no matter how much you try to make other people happy, how much you try to get their approval, how much you do everything for them, how much you put your own dreams on hold for them, you STILL may not get the love, the affection, the recognition, even the SALE that you want.


So, why do that?

Why not instead figure out what you are called to do (life purpose) instead and get to doing that regardless of what anyone else thinks?

A more wholesome way to live, right?

A more fulfilling way to build a business and a life, right?

Are you doing it, though?


Or are you still waiting for permission?


Listen, as I already mentioned, People-Please No More starts on Monday and we are going to be exploring how you are holding yourself back by allowing people to treat you like a doormat.


I know you mean well and you possibly even think that that is the way it must be done if you are a ‘good’ person.


And yet, there is resentment in there…


Isn’t there?


Join me on this 28 day self directed exploration and you will come out the other side a whole lot stronger inside and more able to create wealth your way.

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