You are chosen to live in abundance and you have tapped a little into it but there is more.

So, understand this, you can have everything you desire, including wealth but…

The Problem

You keep hiding.

You keep doubting yourself.

You keep thinking that there is something you are missing…

And there is not!

You are exactly who you need to be to make waves on the planet. And who cares what size waves they are, they are exactly the waves you need to be making.

So, I ask you…

When will you start paying attention to yourself?

When will you start acknowledging the passion within you to fulfill a particular calling?

When will you stop giving precedence to everyone’s agenda except yours?

chosen one

When will we SEE YOU?

In my time as coach and regular person walking the earth, I have heard all kinds of dreams – From teaching people about the power of water to using music to heal people. From working with young fatherless people to help them see their self-worth… to working with entrepreneurs to get their business off the ground. People, being unique, come with dreams in all shapes and sizes FOR A REASON!

And that reason is to use them to impact the people around them and to change the world.

But then most people doubt themselves. Most people put roadblocks in their own path by telling themselves that it is impossible to do anything with their vision. They tell themselves that they have too many responsibilities to expect to be able to use their gifting and strength. And so these people get exactly what they expect to get – a ‘settled-for’ life that makes them vaguely unhappy.

A few, however, decide to dig in and claim the life they want. They, like me, decide that life is not worth living unless they live it on their own terms.

They decide to challenge themselves to create a life they actually adore…

They challenge themselves to find a way to take those dreams from being an internal hope and wish and instead turn it into an external reality.

They want more and they do whatever it takes to make it happen.

They create space in their already busy schedule to make it happen.

They do not give excuses about what they can or cannot do.

They decide to stay on the narrow path until they reach their goal of creating life, on their terms and changing the world one person at a time, their own way.

Are you one of us?

This path as I said already is the narrow path so it can be lonely…

It can be full of weeds because it is a path that no one has travelled before…

It can feel tough as you break through new ground…

People will call you selfish…

People will wonder why you do not settle for the 40 years and a little pension money…

YOU will wonder this sometimes as well…

And yet, something inside of you has woken up and you cannot shut it down ever again and so you keep moving…

You keep taking the next step…

You stop waiting for clarity, you trust that the next step will always appear at the exact right time for you…

Yes, you learn the foundations of building a movement or a business that creates wealth for you as well as allows you to act from a place of calling…

The Success Resource

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But the money is not the driving force, ever.

It is the internal drive inside of you that keeps you going when you feel tired, when you are ready to give up.

Again, I said it gets tough at times because honey, you like being wealthy as much as the next person and you fear that you are not allowed to create wealth from the vision you see in your mind’s eye.

But can I remind you that if you have been given a vision to fulfill, you will not be left without a way to take care of your practical, every day needs. And even more than that, you really can claim whatever experience of life you want.

So, if you choose to settle for living out your calling in poverty, then you can have that…

But you can equally choose to live out your calling in wealth, so why not choose wealth and stop talking nonsense about not being motivated by money? You will be working hard anyway so why not choose to attract every single thing you want? You can pick and choose so pick and choose what you want, rather than settling for what you think you are allowed to have.

So what is it that you are called to?

What makes you come alive?

Please remember.

  1. Your vision is your permission.
  2. You are capable of your calling.
  3. You are much more powerful than you realise.
  4. Yes you can get everything you want.
  5. You are loved. You are enough. You are worthy. You deserve the very best of everything.


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