Maybe, just maybe, you need not wait any longer.

Consider that with me, if you will.

Because you have been waiting to be absolutely sure about what to do next.  You have been waiting to be sure that you don’t make another mistake, you have been waiting to be COMPLETELY certain about every little detail of your path before you take even the one step.

And the only thing that is certainly happening is that you are getting older, running out of time and still unfulfilled.

Which is a little crazy when you consider that you could simply choose your own adventure.

Now, I know that that is not what you have been told.

You have made the assumption that you have a limited number of choices and you feel you have to pick one of them when really, you could just say NO to the ‘less than ideal’ choices and pick something else all together.

You could go completely RANDOM and choose whatever the hell you really want.

You really could.

At the moment, you see such a limited version of the world where you have a certain role to play and so, you keep playing that role, filling the spot that you think you have to fill when really, deep inside, you long for more freedom, more adventure, MORE!

But you think that people like you cannot get that more…

After all, you have all this debt…

You have these family responsibilities…

You have this appearance to maintain…

People trust you and depend on you to keep living within the limited box…

When really, you are in a room with no walls and the only limitation is the one inside your head (I have a song about this! Watch out for my album 🙂 )

And you read this and wish you could believe it, instead of simply acting on it and waiting for the belief to come when your actions prove it to be true.


If you could choose any life, what would it look like?

Write that down.

Do not filter it.

Do not tone it down to make it more realistic (that also makes it kinda boring! and who the heck wants to create a boring, deflating dream?!!!)

I know that you are kinda tired of trying to get the dream and you want to relax into settling for a ‘normal’ life but you can’t, so can we just get over that? You are not the same as most people around you.  YOU hunger and thirst for more.  You are HORNY for it so just stop trying to tell yourself to be smaller and to settle.


And instead of using your energy to stifle you, use your energy to play to your real nature…

The explorer, the adventurer, the champion, the independent thinker, the maverick…

That is who you really are…

And the tame life is boring which is why you feel so unhappy trying to fit in to suit others around you…

Just own who you are and be thankful for it.

It is people like you and I that change the world – Yes, honey, we do!

Now choose your own adventure.

You don’t have to drop everything in your current life all at once (unless you really want to!), you can be thankful for where you are now and still desire and go after more.

You can be thankful for everything that brought you here because nothing is wasted…

You can be thankful and you can also then take a step to get your dream life.

Look again at what you have written down…

Add more detail to it, get emotional about it…

Start allowing your creativity to go wild…

Make a note of ideas that bubble up within you…

Trust that Spirit is for you!

And see the fears that bubble up as well…

The fears of your debt, your responsibilities and the fears of losing face…

See them for what they are – just thoughts!

You are more than just your thoughts and you are also the creator of whichever thoughts you make valid.

So choose which ones you want to actually bring to life…

The fear


The possibility?

Which one would suit you better, honey?

There is nothing I am saying here that you do not already know…

There is a part of you that just aligns with all that I write because you have sensed for the longest time, that you are not living to the fullness of you…

But you gave into the thought that you had no choice.


You can choose your own adventure…

So what will it be?

What is the first step?

That is all you need.


Take it and then the next one will be revealed to you.

The faster you do it, the faster you get through the darkness and reach your big ideas…

So hurry up, will ya?

Fun, prosperity, abundance, purpose awaits as you choose your own adventure.

Fight for, deliberately design the life you WANT TO live!

Please remember.

  1. Your vision is your permission.
  2. You are capable of your calling.
  3. You are much more powerful than you realise.
  4. Yes you can get everything you want.
  5. You are loved. You are enough. You are worthy. You deserve the very best of everything.


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