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By December 12, 2013November 20th, 2019My Journey

profile pic muminbusinessYou Know what?

I am feeling blessed and I want to share that with you.  It is the end of the year; I look back and realise that life has moved forward such a lot in the last few years.

I still remember dabbling at this business and that business and nothing seemed to come together for me at all.  This was in the pre-children days when I had the sure thing of my pharmacy job.  I look back and realise that I  felt far too comfortable.  Yes, I was in a great deal of debt, and yes, I was working my  a$$ off 6 days a week, 12 hours a day trying to keep our heads above water but hey!  We were surviving, right?

In the middle of all this, I delayed having kids because I was trying to change the world one lady at a time.  And I made a very little headway but I was so young, so naive then and I did not know what I did not know.

Then my clock started to tick and along came my first baby, V.  I still remember all the tears and fears I had as I wondered how I was going to look after this baby with all this debt hanging over my head, how I would ever live any kind of a life that I longed for.

We sold the house, I went bankrupt and I got depressed, Big time!

I still remember learning to breastfeed!  That was the toughest thing EVER! but I overcame and actually, it was one of those things (apart from the actual birth experience itself!) that convinced me that there was more to me than even I realised.

I buried myself in the children, tried to convince myself that being a Mum was enough, that all my dreams did not matter anymore as I ‘sacrificed’ it all for my kids.

Reality broke through, we were struggling to make ends meet.

I felt the curtains of apathy and depression lift as I realised I would have to return to work if I did not step into my true design self.

I wondered what to do, I decided on property.  I decided not to mess around this time so I got coached and mentored (I had to scrape the £10k together to be mentored – you know how it can be!). I took IMMENSE action!  Lots of tears and fears, I assure you!

Next thing I know, I am winning a Porsche for being the best business woman of the year!!!!!

Me?, really?!

I keep pushing forward, I leave pharmacy, I am a property entrepreneur!

I start to help others set up shop as again, I feel the call to serve other women.

With the help of my coach, I start to take myself more seriously and now, here we are.  December 2013 and I am blessed to have the privilege of knowing and serving you.

Is it your turn to work with me on a 1-2-1 basis and see change? Maybe, maybe not.  Whichever way, as this is the month of giving, I want you to have the opportunity to create clear plans for 2014 so I decided this month to give even more back by doing the  ‘£30 for 30’  life/business clarifying and enhancing sessions.

In January, there will be something exciting in store for you as well. Watch out for the webinar next week.

It is all my way of saying ‘Thank You’ and also my heart is that you bridge the gap between where you are right now and where you want to be.  I hope you choose YOU!

Until the next time.

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