Why It is So Important To Answer This One Question…

Who do you choose to be

The question is and will always be – Who do I want to be?  In each moment, who do I choose to show up as?

Let me explain…

Today is my last day in Bali and as I walked back to my hotel room after having lunch at an Indian restaurant, I got to thinking about a conversation I had had two nights ago and also a few of the happenings I had experienced while being here.


  1. A taxi driver very obviously scammed me but I went along with it for some unknown reason – I felt weak in that moment and let him have the extra money, knowing full well, he was scamming me. I even told him he was scamming me.
  2. I had a conversation with my million dollar coach and another successful Masterminder at dinner about the differences in the way I saw giving and the way a lot of people in developed countries did. I lived a good portion of my life in a third world country and I am inclined to think that we, third worlders, see poverty differently from people who have never really lived with it. It does make me come across as callous or so I am told. I have noticed however that it usually does come down to who I am talking to. If I am talking to a fellow Third-worlder, then they agree with me. If not, then I am callous.I always think people who have come from a wealthy country sound as though they feel a little guilty about it when they talk of giving back etc as though they did something wrong to get it and now, they have to give back to those less privileged or something. To me, that is weird and it also makes people from third-world countries seem as though they are unable to take care of themselves unless someone gives back…

    Whereas if you have worked your way up from poverty or even lived closely to it (I would certainly not claim to have seen the depths of despair some people I know, have seen), you may choose to give but it would not be from a ‘give back’ perspective as nothing was handed to you on a platter. It would just be because you want to. (Though of course, you might feel guilted into ‘giving back’ by the first world-ers around you.)

  3. I bought a few dresses for myself and my girls and again, I felt scammed a little though I did do some negotiating. When I left the shop, there was a thought at the back of my head that I should have got it at a lower price and that kinda bugged me for a little bit. It then affected how I handled another shop-keeper when I went to buy a few bags in his shop, I was even more daring with my negotiations than before.

As I walked back to the hotel, all I could think of for a little bit was how annoyed I was with myself for being taken in by the taxi driver and the owner of the dress shop and then, I stopped and thought from a different angle…

I asked myself the question

“Who do I want to be?”

Do I want to be the hard-done-by victim in this? Do I want to be the person who tries so hard to make sure she is not taken advantage of because money is so hard won and HOW DARE THEY take me for a fool and take my money away from me?


Do I want to be the free, easy, generous, peaceful person who freely gives knowing that money flows to me easily?

If anyone does something untoward to me then they will get the consequences of that without me carrying it around in my head for ages!

So, I made a choice and let it go.


“Money flows to me easily”

The point of all this is that you always get to choose how you interpret an event and you always get to choose who you will be – the victim or the victor.

And the choice you make, determines whether you see the good things of life or whether all you see is drama and people scamming people, people scamming you etc etc.

So, honey…

Who do you want to be?

Wealthy, happy, prosperous?

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