I realised this morning that I was being a little chicken!

Let me explain…

I believe, or at least I always say that I believe, that everything I desire can be achieved and created…

I consider myself to be a person of faith and I believe in the deliberate design of life…

And yet, this mornig as I sat down to spend some quiet time with Papa and also to write out my goals, I was reminded that I was being very vague on my goals.

I was limiting what I asked for because there was a part of me that thought it was all too much and I could not expect to have it all.

And I caught myself this morning or should I say, the Divine was finally able to get through to me…

And this is what I wrote in my journal “Papa, it feels like I want too much to have it all and so I keep it vague expecting not to receive it and I always get what I expect”

For me, that sentence was a bit of a revelation as I consider myself to be someone who does ask and expect to receive huge things and I always get what I expect to get – sooner or later, I  look at my life and realise that I have now received everything I wanted.

But today, I realised that I had been limiting myself and not asking for everything VERY SPECIFICALLY because I was scared that it was all too much and no one could expect to get all of that without being greedy, selfish and all those words that have been conditioned into me and now I am unpicking them piece by piece by piece so that I allow myself to receive EVERYTHING I desire.


You do realise that what you consider to be too much is just chicken feed to someone else…

Your ‘extravagant’ is someone’s ‘normal’

And how are these set points conditioned into us?

By the environment in which we grow…

If earning $5000 a month is some kind of MASSIVE thing to you then you may be unwilling to even ask for it because it feels greedy and selfish and out of reach when you have only ever earned $3000 a month and  only ever seen other people around you earn about $3000 as well.

And so you do not even ask for it!

And people like me come along and offer to show you how to make $5000 a month and because it is outside of your expected reach, you do not bother taking me up on the offer.  And you do not even realise that you are holding yourself back.

You think you are being reasonable.

Or you think you are asking for the big stuff but it is vague like “I want to earn more money”  Would $1 be enough?

Or “I want to travel and see more of the world”  Would the next city be enough?

Get specific – How much do you want and what do you want to use it for?

Where exactly do you want to go? And for how long and how would you like to fly there – First class or economy?  GET PRETTY SPECIFIC and even go find out how much it will cost to fly there and set up a new account to put money in just for this purpose.

This morning, I faced again the fact that I was putting my big dreams on a pedestal and making them impossible to reach because I expected them to be impossible to reach and so I wrote out more specific goals and faced down the internal resistance inside of me.  It wanted me to be vague and instead I went very specific.

I am yet to finish writing it all out because I wanted to write this as the idea bubbled up within me to ask you about your own goals too.

So you, go on, whip out a journal and write very clearly, very specifically what you want.

Like going to a restaurant, be very clear about exactly what you want.

You do not go to a restaurant and say “I want a meal” and then leave it to the waiter to decide what to give you.  That may be the start of the request but then the waiter will give you some suggestions and help you get pretty clear on EXACTLY what you want on the menu with any adjustments and then the order is placed.

The Divine would like to do the same with you today.

Yes, you have a starting place – YOu want more ________ (what do you want more of?)

then get clear on exactly what you want the more to look like

Write down every nitty gritty piece of what you desire…

And EXPECT to receive it.

Wherever resistance comes up within you, face it down, figure out why it is causing you to return to your vague ways and courageously push through to set VERY SPECIFIC goals for what you want.

Ask and you will receive

Seek and you will find

Knock and the door will be opened to you

You have to normalise your desires by seeing them as a done deal…

And that may mean daily writing down what you have decided to welcome into your life until it feels natural to expect it.  And then one day, you will realise that you have elevated yourself.

Come do life in the DELIBERATE MILLIONAIRE ASSEMBLY with me.

It will be a pleasure to support you in noticing and clearing the blocks you have to succeeding on your own terms.

There is so much more to life than what you are allowing.

Come let me show you how to claim it all.

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Much Amazing Love

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