What is going on in your head?

Are you paying attention or are you just letting whatever will come, come?

Are you being passive or deliberate about what you allow to remain inside of you?

You are a creator.  In every moment of every day, you are creating your reality.  It does not always feel like it and so you get passive about it.  You think things are just happening to you because you cannot see the immediate result from your thoughts and yet, I tell you that right now, you have everything you thought you were allowed to have.

And you created it all.

Depending on when you read this, you might be about to start the day and I wonder if you have taken a moment to think through what you want today to look like.  Or are you just going to lunge straight into it, taking whatever comes, dealing with things reactively and yet, you keep wondering why nothing ever changes.

It changes not becuse you change not.

You still do not get it.

You are a creator.

If you want a different expereince of life, you have to learn how to co-create it with the Universe/God/Whatever you wish to call it.

You will never be forced to get more than you want or should I say, more than you think you are allowed to want.

You have to want it and you have to DELIBERATELY want it.

If all you want to do is ‘get by’ then that will always be your experience.  You can make it as holy-sounding as you like but ultimately, you are creating the experience of ‘just getting by’.

If all you want are a couple of thousand because you think that it will be easier to get than a million then again, you will get exactly that and the big pity is that it would have taken the same amount of belief and faith for the million as it does for the thousand so why, oh why do we not believe for more?

And yes, I talk to me as much as I talk to you.

In fact, I talk to me EVEN MORE than I talk to you because I SEE.


I CAN SEE whereas for you, you may still be coming to the realisation that you have more power than you realise.

So, what gets in the way of me creating all that I want to create?

Nothing but me.

And so, I wake up again, I wipe off the doubts of yesterday and I begin again to co-create with God all that I choose to have in my life.  And I do it deliberately.

I see that every part of my life has been created by what I thought I could have in the past and now I choose to create even more.

How do I do this?

I do this through my journalling.

I do this through tapping into what brings me the greatest pleasure and I choose to do that more and more. I choose to do it deliberately.  I choose to remove more of the stuff I do not like and do more of the stuff I do.  I choose to share with you exactly how you too can create a more desired business and life because as I tell you, I remind myself.

And each day, I remember to create it first in my mind and then to take what I imagined and turn it into massive action to make it a reality that I can touch, feel, taste.

But it all starts in the deliberate control of what I allow myself to dream about?  What I allow myself to believe is possible for me.

It all starts in my head and it all starts by me remembering that I am created in the image of God.  I am a creator.

Man, it always comes back to this.

It always comes back to the fact that I create my present reality and I will create my future one too.

Honey, it comes back to that for you too.

You are a creator.

In each moment, you are choosing what to believe, what to create and you, consciously or unconsciously, are making it so.  Think about it logically – Your actions always come out of your thoughts.

If you believe that all you can do is get by, then your actions will follow that thought.  You will stay in the job you hate because it is all you can get.  You will stick around people who believe the same as you so that you stay safe and unquestioned in your thinking. (Although, you are here, reading this and so I have to believe you are searching and longing for more)

Your actions will always follow what you believe to be true and in that, you create what you believe is reality but it is all created reality.

Surely, it is time to wake up from what sometimes can only be described as a nightmare?

No, I cannot promise you that the moment you decide to get a lot more deliberate about your thoughts that everything will fall in line but I can tell you that, given time and persistence, it WILL.

If you stay on track and take back responsibility for what you allow yourself to believe is possible, if you get rid of the victim thinking where everything is just happenning to you and I know you do not always realise you do this but even the most successful among us, can sometimes give into this thought.

Instead, choose to be the instigator, the creator, the powerful person who, first of all, decides very clearly what she/he wants.  Refuse to be limited by what you have always thought possible and allow yourself to dream bigger and then begin to take action to create it.

That inkling of an idea that pops into your head, DO IT! and then do the next one and then the next one.

Your actions become more powerful as your thoughts become more deliberate.

You start to change more lives as you choose to start to change more lives.

You start to have more impact as you choose to start to have more impact.

You start to create more wealth as you choose to start to create more wealth.

Your actions, your results follow your thoughts.

So get pretty darned deliberate about it.

Come on, now!


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