Causing Offence

By November 8, 2012November 14th, 2014Relationships, Writing

How have I managed to do it again?

Say the wrong thing and cause offence, I mean.  Aargh!

I met a new friend recently, we got together, had dinner, got a-chatting and I really, really liked what I heard and saw.  Already, I had pictures of us being friends forever, meeting up for coffee, changing the world with our vision of business and general life issues, arguing over nonsense as friends do but making up and enjoying each other’s company.  OK, Ok, so I get dramatic when I meet someone new.

Somehow, I now realise that while I was imagining how wonderful life was going to be with this new friend in my life, I somehow managed to say the thing that she was particularly sensitive about and I caused an offence without meaning to. 🙁

I wish I could say this is the first time it had happened to me but alas, no.  I am unfortunately known for speaking my mind far too freely and asking questions in the most insensitive way; even after I think intensely about how to word things, I somehow manage to say it wrong.  I am usually the one that will ask couples who have been married for more than a day why they are not pregnant yet,  I am the one that may guess your age wrong in the older direction, I unfortunately say things as I see them, sometimes without any filtering so it can come across very harshly.

All in all, not too great! 🙂  I am working on it, I promise.

I know I never mean any harm but I suppose if you are on the receiving end, it can seem pretty annoying.  In this case, I am pretty annoyed with myself.  I actually really like this person but now I imagine, our relationship will always be tinged with this.

Have you ever done that, put your foot in it?  How do you repair the damage?

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