It starts with honesty…

Honesty with yourself

Honesty about who you really are

Honesty about what you really want

For too long, you have hidden from it

Telling yourself that it is impossible for you to have ALL OF THAT

And so you have tried to pretend you could be happy with less

You have tried to pretend that it is the will of the Divine for you to have less, at this time…

You have tried to be at peace with it

But be honest now… IT IS NOT WORKING!

There is a hunger for more

A feeling of stagnancy as you try to stay put in a life that does not feel right…

I did that

I wish someone had told me this way before I spent time and money (lots and lots of money) trying to be what I considered ‘REASONABLE’…

Well, to be honest, they did tell me

2 coaches in particular told me and told me and TOLD ME but I would not hear…

I thought I could just be like a regular person, do regular reasonable things…

I had to sabotage myself numerous times before finally I surrendered to the truth of me

Before I finally stripped back all the layers and allowed myself to go all in…

And I am so glad I did.

But I had to start with honesty

And continue with complete honesty

I had to realise that I could never settle

I had to stop trying to settle for something I did not want

I had to find the courage to walk away from people too

It was the only way to forge new relationships, maybe with the same people, maybe with new people

But I had to be willing to let go, even when it seemed so scary and I was sure I would end up alone

I had to walk away from a sure thing career

In some ways, my whole life has been a walking away from things that were just not me

I had not seen it

I thought (and other people thought) I was just being awkward but something inside me would never settle for less than all I desire

And you, honey… YOU can keep trying to settle for less or you could surrender to what you truly want


And in being honest, are you willing to go after it with everything inside of you?

It seems black and white

And in some ways it is

In other ways, it is a transition

But it all starts with a decision to no longer settle and to be truly honest with yourself…


I invite you to the ABUNDANCE LIBRARY

The place for spirit-driven people determined to live to their true design

Determined to find and FULFIL their life’s purpose


Let us do life together as we live life deliberately using the Deliberate Life Method – a way of living that causes you to distil out what you truly want and then to become a match to receive it, combining the practical with the spiritual so that you create a free, fulfilled, abundant and love-drenched life.

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Much Amazing Love

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