You are called

You are chosen

You ARE equipped

All you need to do is SAY YES

Will you?

Those lines dropped into my heart this morning as I was live-streaming on the Facebook page

And I quickly created a tune, right there on the spot and sang it to peeps

Have you listened yet?

Here it is –

Ultimately the gist of that audio livestream was simply that one of the biggest obstacles, leaders like you and I face, when it comes to living based on our true design, rather than the conditioning of the world, is that we just do not take the calling all that seriously…

We think it would be self-indulgent to go all in on the vision

For instance, I had built a good life as a pharmacist…

Ok so under the surface. there was debt and stress

But I could have stayed there

Working my ass off 60 hours a week, chasing the money and helping some patients along the way

And in time, I would possibly have got a handle on the debt

I would have kept looking the part of accomplished successful person who is active at church and in her community

I would have kept saying yes to cries for help from my extended family and they would have mostly loved me for it

But I would have been dying inside

Everyday, a little bit more dead

Everyday, eating a little more food

Everyday, pretending to start that business that would change my life but then not really giving it any attention because it was another business chosen simply because I thought it would make me more money fast

Everyday, trying to distract myself with even more church activities or more TV or more hours at work

And then coming home to complain about this patient or that colleague but then waking up the next morning to go do it all again even though I kinda hate it

But I suppose if I had chosen that route then I would have found a way to deaden myself to it all and just do it by rote

And that would have shown up across the field in my life as I seemed more and more dead each day

Smile plastered on face as if I had no care in the world

But telling myself that this is just what being an adult is like and so I just need to get on and do it.

And do it, I would have

Just like you, right?!

Showing up everyday for a life that is myeh…

When deep inside you know you are born for something more

But will you ever go all the way in?

Or will it always remain a pipe dream?

I was in that place for a long time and then I woke up.

And life is so much better than ever before

The idea of going back to that dead life is just plain crazy and terrifying to even consider

How I put up with it, for even the shortish time that I did, is beyond me

Honestly, I look at a lot of people and I want to fall asleep talking to them

No life behind the eyes

These are divine beings settling for just a human experience.


You are called

You are chosen

You are equipped

Will you freaking say YES?!

And start taking the call on your life seriously?

You could be changing lives

Waking up exhilarated

Feeling charged up and so intimately connected to Source

You could be excited about life

And getting paid to do the work you actually want to do

You could be travelling and seeing more of the world

You could be working from anywhere and not even feeling like you are working because you just LOVE what you get to do

You could be spending time researching and learning about things that really interest you, expanding your mind and then even getting the privilege of teaching it to people who need your wisdom…

There is so much you could be doing but instead you tell yourself to stop being so selfish and buckle down and be this boring grown up person.


You are called, 

You are chosen

You are equipped


I help my clients change lives and make a difference in a bigger bolder way following the calling on their life

I help my clients to create wealth online while doing all of that

Together, we design for them free, fulfilled, financially abundant lives

Together, we design a love-drenched life

Are you truly ready to make this your story?

II do not promise that the transition will always feel easy

You are breaking up with a lot of conditioning and at times, it will feel hard

And yet, when you break through, the result is so worth the journey

Are you willing?

If so, it begins in THE ABUNDANCE LIBRARY

Are you ready to begin or continue your transition to a free, fulfilled and financially abundant life?

Let’s talk –

Much Amazing Love

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