It is the last day of the year when I write this and I wonder what you are creating for next year. Surely not more of the same old stuff. The same reactive stuff where you wait to see what happens and react to it accordingly. Surely not that!

I just spent hours reading, dreaming, creating, connecting with Papa, affirming what i chose to create…

Sad over what I have not yet manifested – I felt the pain of it and I chose to release it so that I do not enter next year with stale energy.

And also pretty darned happy about the things I did create especially things that showed up in unexpected ways this 2016.

Just like miracles!

But all of the things, created and not yet created, began in my mind.

Began as I wrote down my plans for my year this time last year…

Yes, the way some things came about was a surprise but the thing itself, was no surprise.

I wanted it and so I created it.

DELIBERATELY created the thing in my mind first and then followed the intuitive nudges to see it come about in the physical.

And you can do that!

Yes you can!

Today is a great day to take a few moments to do exactly that!

Or take most of the day to do the dreaming, visioning, writing down who you choose to be and what you choose to create in the new year…

And then trust that as you keep the vision clear in front of your eyes EVERY FREAKING DAY, it will come to you in unexpected ways as you follow the intuitive nudges within you.

No, sometimes, you will not make it happen.

I know for me, everything that has not happened yet is a result of the lack of internal clarity within me due to things that happened in my past, due to crazy beliefs about what I am allowed to have or create, due to guilt and shame that I allowed to be programmed into me…

But the thing about having these goals not come about yet, means that I now see so much more clearly because I have done so much clearing work to myself.

So much self-analysis…

So much more self-awareness…

While at the same time, actively doing the work that needs to be done externally to ensure I am ever moving forward.

And I am also aware that, sometimes, the changes are not visible yet and then suddenly it all explodes in a great way and so I have learnt never to lose heart but to keep doing the internal clarity work and the external action work…

Always asking the questions – What do my people need to hear next?

What would I do next, right now, as this person who has already reached all of my goals?

Yep, sometimes, the fear eats me up and I find myself acting from my current reality and that is never good. It just keeps recreating the same old nonsense and so then I remember to whip out my journal and write out my vision again, write out my impact, service and money goals again, listen to an audio or read a book that calls me up to a higher place of thought and feeling and then I act again from that elevated state.

And that is when things shift almost like a miracle.

So, honey, 2017 is almost upon us.

What is the plan?

What are the big ideas?

The big visions?

How much money do you choose to be making by the end of the year?

How free do you want to feel by the end of the year?

How many people do you want to be serving at the end of this year?

Are you excited or resigned?

Elevate your mood, honey!

Think as though you are already the person who got all the dreams and goals…

And then act on the intuitive nudges…

No matter how alien they may feel to you, right now…

And this time next year, you will have more wins than fails.

Fight for, deliberately design the life you are born to live

Please remember.

  1. Your vision is your permission.
  2. You are capable of your calling.
  3. You are much more powerful than you realise.
  4. Yes you can get everything you want.
  5. You are loved. You are enough. You are worthy. You deserve the very best of everything.


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