Sometimes, we get so focused on the practical sides of running a business and that is absolutely right and fair that you do that but this is the thing…

If your brain is set to always believe that things are going to be a struggle, then who is to say that you are not creating the struggle with your actions as well.

There are two parts to every successful person’s success

One is the action – You take the right actions and you take them continuously and then you get the result.

Two is the internal clarity – You have a mind that is convinced (or at least convince-able) that the work you are doing will get you the result you want.

So tell me, Is your mind set to negative by default?

What is the voice you continually hear in your head?

I still remember going through a phase of business building when I really could not see any light?  I felt surrounded by darkness and wondered if I would ever see the light of my hopes, dreams, desires come to pass?

Was I actually as deluded as my hubby seemed to think I was?

Was I as deluded as I thought I was?

There I was, getting into more debt as I held on tight to the belief of a business that worked.  I mean, I had already gone bankrupt once – Was I crazy to believe that I could design a life on my own terms?!

Those were some seriously dark times and it took everything within me to keep putting one step in front of the other and keep doing the daily work to build an audience, to tell them what I was about, to tell them how and where to buy…

It was a struggle!

And in that time, I realised that it was not enough just to focus on the work.  Because if the voice in my head was constantly playing out negativity and craziness then I would start to subconsciously sabotage myself.  If I allowed my brain to keep feeding me things like ‘This is never going to work!”, “No one is paying any attention to you!”, “No one wants to buy what you have”, “Give it up!”  and also asking that horrid question “What am I doing wrong?” – that is a question that has no answer and so, it is pointless to ask it!

If I allowed my brain to keep saying this stuff to me, then of course, it was inevitable that at some point, I would quit because I would stop believing that my business ideas were possible.

And so, I had to start the daily work of changing the running commentary in my head.

And it was a daily discipline – usually more than once a day!  because I had allowed a habit of negativity to form in my head and it was doing me no favours except slowing me down and causing me to doubt myself.

And without a working confidence level, you will quit.  I would have quit!

Instead, I started to write out my goals daily so I got clear on what I wanted…

I created affirmations out of it that I could continually recite to myself…

I remember laminating my affirmations sheet as well, just to be able to whip it out and recite them at a moment’s notice when I felt my brain start to go towards the nonsense again.

I read out my affirmations and I felt the emotion of it.

And then I took my next action from that place of certainty that what I wanted was coming to me.

Even now, I write my goals down practically every single day.  I see the picture of the result I am working towards in my imagination, I feel the feeling associated with what I am creating, I affirm that it is coming to me, I thank God for it because I know I have been given EVERYTHING I need to create the dream in my heart and then, I get to work.

I move more swiftly through my daily tasks when I do this…

Whereas if I have the negative soundtrack playing along in my head – I work slower, I am more inclined not to bother doing the work, I get in my own way.

Honey, for your business to work, you need to consider both sides – the action, the clarity.

1. Right now, write out your goals.

2. Write out a few affirmations

An example would be “Money flows to me easily, effortlessly for my good and the good of everyone concerned”, I am easily selling the products I have created and they are changing the lives of those I touch”, “All things are now working together for good in my life” – You can get even more specific than this to your own situation.

Please take this serious and actually implement it.

3. Recite them to yourself regularly

Feel the emotion of reaching your goals as well to give the affirmations energy.

Sometimes, people think the softer side of success is useless and pointless but then they quit and blame this process or that person, instead of realising that they never put their brain in the right place for success.  Do not make that mistake.

This entrepreneurial journey can be tough at times – A lot of the time!

If you do not believe sufficiently in your ability to create success, you will drop out of the race.  The only way to build belief is the same way you built doubt; You constantly repeat to yourself what you want to believe.

Yes, honey, you did do it when you built self-doubt as a default into your system – You did it passively and now, we have to get pretty deliberate about building faith and confidence instead.

Now, write out a few affirmations that empower and build you up.  When you get the right affirmations for you, you will feel the lightness in your spirit as you speak them to yourself.  You can even get them recorded and listen to them over and over on your smartphone but also, repeat them to yourself at least once a day.

You have to get very deliberate about this, ok?

It is time to fight for, to create the life and the business you want.

Please remember.

  1. Your vision is your permission.
  2. You are capable of your calling.
  3. You are much more powerful than you realise.
  4. Yes you can get everything you want.
  5. You are loved. You are enough. You are worthy. You deserve the very best of everything.


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