And yet, for the longest time, I made it incredibly complicated and on some days, I still do…

But this is what I know…

For your business to work, you
1. Tell people what you are up to
2. invite them to buy something from you at a price higher than it costs you to provide your thing
3. follow up with them until they do or they tell you to go away (either way, you get a clear result! :-D)

However, at every point in that 3 step simple plan, there are all kinds of drama that gets mixed in because well… we are human.

With 1, you find you are not sure what you want to offer and to who you are offering it and so your message comes out all wooly and no one really knows what you are talking about.

And then with 2, you get all scared and full of doubt and uncertainty as to whether anyone wants what you have and so you hide, you pretend to be limited in some way and again, you do not do what needs to be done to consistently make invitations

And then 3, there is all the tech that goes on with that and you think you can’t get your head round it and so, again, nothing happens! When really, you could go manual and get someone else to help you set it all up but you don’t because then in come the money fears as well – I can’t afford someone.

This is the thing – BUSINESS ITSELF IS STRAIGHTFORWARD – you can just do things one at a time – My daughters recently decided to start selling loom band bracelets and all they did was draw a leaflet and put an address on it and walk up and down the road telling everyone and they made sales. Simple!

Why do we, adults make it seem more complicated than that?

How can you make it simple and straightforward today?

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It is time to fight for, to create the life and the business you want.

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