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Hey you!


Yes, you!


It is time to wake up!


It is time to wake up and smell the coffee!


Time is tick-tick-ticking along and guess what? Those ideas, plans and dreams are not going to happen all by themselves!


Someone has to actually take them by the scruff of the neck and buckle right down and get them done.


You know that, right?


As I write this, I am thinking of me…


I am thinking of the person I used to be just a few years ago.


Going through the motions of being a pharmacist…


Looking for glimpses of inspiration in my every day job because it was not all bad… It just was not all joy either.


And I imagine some of you are thinking that it can never be all joy…


You think that it is normal for life to stink sometimes and so you accept it but I am one of those crazy ones who just refuses to accept that as my lot in life.


To just get by, to keep putting up with the nonsense and keep telling myself that I cannot do anything about it.






That is not the life for me!


Is it the one you want? If you are anything like me, then no, you kinda know that it does not have to be yukky – Please do not get me wrong – what I propose is not the easy life…


IF you want that, you best go find those peddlers of ‘make £20k in your sleep in 2 seconds flat’


The life & business I am proposing to you will mean that you work your socks off…


Attractive, right 😀


But tell me, how hard are you working already?


Very hard, right?


Well, there you go then, no change there then but…

The only major difference…


The ONE HUGE difference…


The MASSIVE difference…


Is that you will be toiling for your own thing…


You will be toiling to create something amazing that makes YOU COME ALIVE…


You will be toiling to MAKE A DIFFERENCE IN THE WORLD…


And you will know it.


Right now, it is 5am in Bali, having not gone to sleep yet, and I am typing, typing, typing away and I just adore it!


I love the ability to create my own fate but even more than that, I love the fact that I am speaking to you and possibly, if you will let me, waking you up to all the possibilities available to you.


Because that is exactly what I am called to do.


I am called to wake people up and I love to do it.


I am equipped with the skill to do it well…


And when I am in flow, which is a whole lot of the time ,these days (now that I have made the choice to deliberately create a life and business that makes my heart sing!), I do not even care how hard I work because it is just soooo cool to be able to do it.


For so long, I thought I was trapped…


Stuck in a life that I did not like anymore and I could not see a way out.


That is, until I hit rock-bottom and had to find a way out.


And after a whole lot of wrong turns, I made it to here where I do not have to do anything unless I really want to do it.


And more than that… I GET to work hard building my dream and KNOWING that it is all coming together.


I love it!


And I want it for you but like I said… this is not for the flaky, the moaners, the groaners, whiners, blamers, complainers because if that is you then nothing I say to you will change anything until you choose to change your attitude.


And this is not for the ones who are looking to push the easy button & make a quick buck doing another thing they do not like just because they have convinced themselves that it is impossible to like your work and get paid for it.


THIS, right here, is for you, the driven, determined you, that knows there is another way and you, the one willing to do whatever it takes to find it and make it your own.


Listen, you only ever get what you expect to get… Only ALWAYS!


So, maybe it is time to change those expectations…


Maybe it is time to open up to the possibility that there are more choices than you realize available to you so that you can actually start to take advantage of them.






And you get to choose how it plays out.


You have a calling, a purpose that is independent even of the product or service you are selling and your business idea is just a part of that.


What I am talking about here is the whole life experience – How you can make it a fulfilling, wealthy one.


Do you want that?


Really? Or are you refusing to let it in because you think it impossible or immoral or selfish or whatever.


Up to you, friend.


I will keep calling you out and waking you up ( & showing you the tips, tricks, tactics and strategies if you let me) but you have got to actually choose to do what it takes to create it.


Will you choose it?


Come join me on Saturday at 2pm Eastern (7pm UK Time) for a Business Hero Smackdown of love – Let me love you into building an awesome business that makes you feel great and makes you lots of money.


Register here –




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