Wanna Upgrade To Wealthy Warrior Level?

And get weekly group coaching calls where you have the opportunity to be personally coached and ask your questions in this high level environment.

The investment on this one is $100 every fortnight.


Simple Question – Are you satisfied with the way you make money?

Does it make you come alive?

Do you feel fulfilled by the work you do every day?

Is this what you would like to be doing until the day you die?

OK, so I threw a few more than ONE simple question at you 😀

I do want you to think…

To hear the answers in your head that you can not hear when you are putting on a front, pretending to be satisfied because you have done stuff, you have made things happen, and you think that should be enough.

Everyone tells you that it should be enough but it isn’t, is it?

You are someone that others look up to.

They think you know the answers to everything…

They think you have it all together and mostly, you do…

The thing is that you know, You KNOW there is more to life than this.

There is more to you than turning up every single day doing the same old, same old and pretending to be happy with it.

And you are ready to find that new way of creating wealth, of living life, of being free in all areas.

Business Hero Bootcamp

So tell me…

Would you like to know, to ABSOLUTELY know exactly what you need to do to get your business or idea creating wealth for you in a way that suits you?

Would you like a step-by-step plan that takes you from business zero to business hero in a matter of 49 days?


Yes? Sounds good?

Introducing …

The 49 day Business Hero Bootcamp – For the driven and the determined who want to sell to & serve a ton of people in as short a time as possible!

Are you ready?

DSC_8878-EditOnce upon a time, I was a pharmacist going into work each and every day, being paid what I was told I was worth and being where others told me I had to be and all the while, my own ideas were dying within me.

I wanted to make a difference and make a fortune but I could not figure out how to make it happen.

I had responsibilities, I had people to look after, I could not just up and leave and get stuck in doing my own thing and frankly, I was just plain overwhelmed with all the things ‘THEY’ said I would have to do in order to create an income on the side.

It seemed there was always something new to learn, some new way to invite people to buy and I just could not get my head around what exactly I needed to do first and how, and when, in what order etc etc.

So, I did nothing!

I stayed in my comfy job doing what I had always done because at least, I knew where the money was coming from and I could tell myself I had tried…

Until bankruptcy and depression and kids changed my attitude, that is…

Suddenly, I was ready and willing to learn all I needed to learn to get myself off the bottom of the pit.

And now, I have built 2 successful businesses in a very short period of time because I asked for support, and followed a system and found my way and now, I just rinse and repeat and the money comes in.

Would you like that to be your story?

Would you like to have money flowing easily into your life, while doing what you want to do?

Then take a look at what I have for you and join in when we start on 1st July.


This is a complete blueprint…

A step by step, day by day plan…

A tick it off checklist that takes you from making nothing to making something with your business…

It is a follow along e-course where you get to listen in to the training for that week or day and then you make a start, doing the work…

And then you get bum-kicking in the Deliberate Millionaire Group

And optionally, you can come along to the optional live call and you get your questions answered and receive any mindset tweak that you need in order to stay on track and get massive results.

Imagine, following along with this and making a steady $2000 a month extra?

$3500 a month extra?

Or maybe even an extra $10,000?

How cool would that be?

How quickly would you be able to leave your job, if you are still in it?

How quickly would you be able to go on a holiday and treat yourself and your family to something awesome?

How quickly would you be able to start giving to your favourite charities, to your favourite causes without worrying about how much you have left over?

This can become your reality if you will commit to following this easy to follow and implement step-by-step blueprint that took me from business zero to hero in a very short space of time.

It is now your turn!

So, let me break it down for you…


Week 1 – The Distinctiveness of You

The major mistake people make when choosing their ideal client
How to attract the right clients who are going to make your life a joy rather than a slog.
Discovering Your Purpose
How You Most Want To Make A Difference
Getting Focused & Choosing Your Path
Allowing Yourself To Do Things Your Way
Asking Help From Someone Bigger Than You


Week 2 – Choosing your Product or service

The various business models that are available to you for a freedom-based business.
Getting Your Message Out in A Way That Suits You
Figuring out what ideas will work and what will just not
Getting over the procrastination that has been hounding you for ages so you can just get on with it!
Get that self-belief to a whole new high & Again, just get on with it


Week 3 – Getting their Attention

How to get their attention now
Clarifying their biggest pain and doing something quick about itDeciding what format to do it in
Getting it done…
An easier way to get it done that may work better for you…
Getting people to thank you and knowing that you are making a difference even as you build your business


Week 4 – Setting up your funnel

What on earth is a funnel and why do I want one?
Each day, a simple thing to do that will propel you forward.And also, a super easy way to get it done once you understand what needs to be done
It is time to get automated and let sale start coming to you whether you are awake or asleep.


Week 5 – Social Media That Makes You Money

Social Media is such an opportunity to build a super huge platform and yet it can be the bane of your life if you do not get in the right mindset about it.
Each day, learn about a new platform
Decide which ones work for you
Get out there and shine


Week 6 – Speaking to sell

The power of you unleashed on the world
Why it is important to show up (if you did not get it yet!)
Online, Offline – It all counts
Setting up an online talks
Setting up ofline talks
Structuring a talk in a way that compels your peeps to buy from you.


Week 7 – Writing To Sell

A new way of thinking about your words
Setting up your blog
Delivering a daily message
How frequently do people want to hear from you?How long does your message need to be.
Let’s tie it all together



The Joy Of The Lord is My Strength! (13)

And there you have it – A break down of exactly what you can expect from this 49 days together.


And In Addition To This

You become a part of the Deliberate Millionaire so that each day, you are part of the ‘Live Life Deliberately’ audio show and you get bum-kicking into deliberate action covering a range of topics.

You can daily check in and tell us what actions you have taken.

You can be held accountable so you keep pushing forward.

You can ask any questions that come up.

I will personally look over what you are up to and keep you on task.

OPTIONAL UPGRADE – Be part of the Weekly Wealthy Warrior Calls and get coached personally and ask questions live weekly.


And then in ADDITION to that –

You get a Business Hero Strategy Session after Week 5 of the programme…

In that session, you will get

  • Crystal Clear Clarity on Your Business Goals & Directions

  • Strategize Your Actions – Know What You Need to do to get there

  • Identify Obstacles, Limiting Beliefs, Anything That Stops You

  • Leave The Session Knowing What To Do, How To Do It, Ready To Charge Forward Deliberately


Let me explain something – You do not need to be in business right now in order to do this.

You do not need to even want to run a huge business in order to do this…

If you want a clear plan to use your strengths to make money selling whatever you like, whether it is that book you have been thinking of writing forever, whether it is that music you want to get out in the world, whether it is an actual product you believe in, whether it is a service, whether you are not even sure yet but you know you have a message to bring to the world somehow…

Then this is the thing for you.

Are you ready to join in?

And now you want to know how much this is going to cost you and this did cause me a whole lot of trepidation and drama as I tried to find a way to price it so it felt good to me.

And after lots of deliberation and thought, I decided to price it in as accesible a way as possible.

I decided it was more important to me to get people into the Deliberate Millionaire Community because I am called to serve and support 334k leaders (Project 334k) to take the next step in their own life and business and support them in stepping up to change the world.

So, it is not important to me to charge this at the price that most others would charge it – Which is a very bare minimum of $500 with absolutely no contact from the program facilitator.

With as much access to me as I want to give you – it would be in the thousands.

Instead what I decided was to price it at the exact same price as the Deliberate Millionaire…

Which is now $47 a month ($37 if you join before Sunday 14th Midnight Eastern)

So, for the duration of the bootcamp, you will pay 2 payments of $47 only

Again, Are you ready?


Wanna Upgrade To Wealthy Warrior Level?

And get weekly group coaching calls where you have the opportunity to be personally coached and ask your questions in this high level environment.

The investment on this one is $100 every fortnight.