You are trying to do that hiding thing where entrepreneurs pretend to be at the helm of their business but really, just blend into the rest of the crowd and as a result, you sabotage your very own self and your business growth.

And you cannot seem to figure out why no one is noticing you?

It is because there is absolutely nothing different about you.

Yes, if someone comes to work with you, to buy your stuff, to be in your team then they get a better idea about what you are about but before that, you are bland.

And so many people walk on past you not seeing anything different about you as compared to anyone else doing exactly the same thing you are doing.

Surely you see that you have to polarise a few people.

Surely, you see that!

So, why are you trying so hard to be samey?

Trying so hard not to offend anyone?

Trying so hard to be flavour of the month to people you don’t really care about and while you do this nonsensical thing, your true people pass you by.

Thinking you are the same old vanilla cupcake (as my coach puts it) as everyone else.  And finally, they will choose to work with someone but it will solely be on price because well…  everyone seems the same.

Leader, it is time for you to stand out – To own your sharp edges.

The edges that only you have, the edges that make you different, the edges that some have disliked you for.

Stop trying to file them down and become like one of the minions out there – all sweet and lovely but completely boring and you can even smell the desperation around them as despite the sweet front, no one wants to work with them.

And so the facade starts to crack.

And before too long, they are just another entrepreneur wannabe who could not quite hack it.  Don’t let that be your fate.  You are more power in your little finger than the vast majority of people so why then, do you think you have to copy them.  Stop it already.

1.Get Clear!

Meditate away the fog, if you have to.  YOu need to tap into your own truth and stop copying someone else’s!  You do not even know if they are all that successful so why copy them?  And even if they are super successful, you cannot be a copy of them.

So, get out the journal and determine to write until your fingers bleed – Who are you?  Really?

Who do you want to help?  Really?

What are you supporting them with?  Just pick an avatar and stick with it until you are clearer but enough of the generic sales pitches that do not hit the spot with anyone!  Pick your person and stick with it until you are even clearer.

Say it with me “GENERIC IS BORING!”

What unique things in you will you emphasize in your business?

2. Determine some daily ‘musts’ in your business

Now, with your new-found clarity about who you choose to be and who your people are, how are you going to reach them each day?

A daily blog post?

An article on someone else’s site? (because your people read articles there?)

A video on YouTube?

Popping into a Forum and supporting a few people while choosing to be very clear on your stance in life and business.

An audio on soundcloud

An Advert that calls your people out?

Offline Networking to meet other people who may act as referrals or as customers?

Social Media Updates?

What do you want to do?

You have to get the word out somehow each and every day so what will it be for you?  Make a note of it and commit!

3. Build Community

Now that you are daily calling your people out, invite them closer to you.

Build a community and that can be an email list, a Social media presence (but you do not control what people see so I would go with the email list, if I were you!)

4. Tell them how you can help them!

It seems obvious but how many people go through their business day trying to be nice and hoping that people will ask them what they can buy.   Maybe some people will but can you buid a business on that?  I don’t think so and to try, is just setting yourself up for frustration and surely, you are done with that now.

Tell the people who have chosen to join your comunity exactly how you can help them i.e. Ask for the sale!

The more times you ask for the sale, the more likely you are to get it.  Again, it seems obvious and yet, you do not do it.  Here’s how to sell without feeling yukky ( because honey, you have to get over this if you are going to make it in business.

Your business will grow because you choose to grow it so stop with the passive sameyness and step out as a leader, a warrior and fight for the life, the business that you want.

And if you are serious about getting more customers, clients, recruits and growing a purpose-driven, profitable business then pop on over and get the free business growth pack at


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