Business Boost Quickstart

Do you want to add £597 to your bottomline each and every month? Yes?


I thought so.


Here is one way to do exactly that.


Follow these steps exactly as written and see what happens…

Whip out your journal (Get one if you do not have one!) and write down today’s date. Then write down in bold exactly what you want to create – Write it like this –

I, ____________________ (insert name), make _________________ (insert amount) a month from my business.


Next, say it out loud a few times and start to form a picture in your head of what that feels like to be THAT person who makes that amount of money each month.


Feel the resistance rise up inside telling you

‘No you don’t earn that much’,

‘No you can’t earn that much’

Hear it, Note it all down and then deliberately turn it around to be a thought that supports your grand desire rather than a self-defeating idea.

Face these thoughts that have kept you in your current place for so long. Face them and defeat them by choosing a new, a different, more empowering way to think.

Turn your ‘I can’t’ into ‘I can’.
Turn your ‘I am not capable’ into ‘I am more than able to do this’
Turn your ‘I have never done it before’ into ‘ It is my time now to create something incredible’





Next, Listen / Watch the ‘Build your Confidence’ Masterclass – Now, it is time to deal with the things that make you lack the confidence to really fly and do what you say you want to do.

In this Masterclass, you will gain 7 strategies to grow your confidence to the place where you can take the action you know you have to take to get the results you want.





Next, listen / watch the ‘Focus’ Masterclass – In that time, you will get clearer on what you need to do to remain focused on the result you want to achieve. Whether it is £597 a month extra in your business or something bigger than that.

In this masterclass, you receive 5 key strategies to implement immediately to raise your level of focus.

Think of it this way, the sun shines on a piece of paper and does nothing to it but introduce a magnifying glass to focus the sun rays and guess what happens, the paper burns. This is what happens to your life and business when you focus on the things that get you the results.



Accelerate Your Sales This 2014Next, take part in the ‘Accelerate Your Sales’ Masterclass – Learn how to ask for and get the sale more easily than you ever have. Tap into the joy of selling rather than being petrified all the time about approaching people with what you have to offer.


We all know how essential selling is to the growth of your business, so now that you have grown confidence and focus, get to work and create more sales the easier way.



Onto the next thing, no matter how much you sell, if your prices are set at the wrong place, guess what?! You work harder for less reward. Learn 30 ways to set prices in a way that makes you feel confident about stating the price to your prospects.

Most people suffer from a ‘lack’ mentality which means you either set your prices way too low or far too high. Both of those result in you not getting the results you want.

Too low and you need a lot of sales, Too high and people do not buy so why not use a more measured method (I set My Prices Confidently) to choose your prices without all the emotion and anguish over what is right.



Manage Time – It’s time to ‘Manage Your Time’ – You have a life apart from making money – getting organized and using your time more productively helps you hit that extra £597 a month more easily.

So, learn some time management skills.



And now, let’s get that marketing right. If you have started to accelerate your sales, you will know that there are certain prospects who are more ready to buy from you so targeting them first and most of the time is possibly a better way to go.

In this step, I will show you How to attract a flood of ideal clients/customers’ – buying ones – to your door so that hitting that £597 is easy-peasy lemon squeezy.


So, do you now see how easy it could be to add that extra £597 to your bottom line and just because I can, I have packaged all these Masterclasses which are priced from $17.97 – £23.97 each so the total price for each of these masterclasses would be £113.82


Add £597 to Your Bottomline

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Add £597 To Your BottomLine