Don’t burn off your good bits trying to keep others warm

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Don't burn off your good bits trying to keep others warm

People get into business and they think that it is all about providing for the needs of the customers who are going to swap money for your stuff.

And it is, kinda…

But not as completely as you may think.

You may think you have to be someone other than you in order to provide your service or product. We go through the whole ideal client thing and you pick someone you think will buy your stuff and then you proceed to build a business that attracts them. You tell yourself customer is king, you just want to make money any old how from anyone so you diminish yourself and become whatever they want you to be…

And you begin to hate business…

Let’s look at it another way…

Because how you do anything is how you do everything.

How do you show up amongst your friends, your family?

Do you think that you have to give and give and give of yourself in order to be accepted?

Do you burn yourself out trying to make everyone else satisfied and in the meantime, you do not even know who you are anymore?

You tell yourself that this is the only way to be a good parent, a good partner, a good friend and so you give and give and give yourself.

And anytime, you do not give, you feel guilty.

Anytime you have to say ‘No’ you feel guilty.

You allow yourself to be manipulated into being someone other than you because you have learnt that this is the only way to receive attention and love from the people in your world.

And then you start business and you come with the exact same thought process.

You dampen down who you are in order to give them what you think they want.

And it is beginning to feel pretty tough.

The real you is wanting to break free of this need to satisfy everyone else at the expense of you.

The beautiful you that is yet to be released on the world.

And nothing is even working anyway!

So why do you do it?

You are not making the money you want to make…

You are making some but nowhere near what you would like…

You are not getting the attention you want to get…

Again, you get some but not for the things you actually want to be doing…

It feels like you are trapped in satisfying them. You kinda know that they will turn on you if you did something they did not expect.

You are just not getting the results you want to get so what is the point of waking up each day and only answering the question – What do they want me to be today?

And I know, it is not something you do consciously, is it?

It is not something you think all that deeply about…

Life has been this way for so long that you do not even know a different way to live, do you?

But it is showing up in all areas, isn’t it?

Your sex life is stilted and boring because you can never really let go and be you – Even in that most intimate place, you are so concerned about how you are showing up to your partner.

Something that should bring you great joy and release is just another thing you need to check off on a list of things you have done to make someone in your life happy.

In conversations with people you have known forever, you still feel the need to check yourself, to watch what you say, you are always on high alert, trying to present well, trying to make everyone happy, trying to be considered pleasant company.

And all the time, you just cannot relax.

Your spiritual life is rubbish because even though you believe in God, you are scared of what He/She wants of you so you hide away and shut down the quiet voice of your intuition within you because it just feels like everyone wants something you do not know how to give.

You find yourself eating all kinds of junk without measure because really, deep down inside, you are unhappy with the person you are showing up as and so you stop taking care of you.

Because you know this is not the real you.

You know there is more that is possible for you but you just do not know how to shake off the stiltedness, the fakeness…

You have allowed yourself to be labeled by the people in your world and now you cannot break free.

And every area of your life suffers as a result.

You feel trapped in a box of your own making and still there is a part of you that thinks everyone lives like this, don’t they?

You think this is the only way to live…

You think you must keep burning yourself out in order to get what you want.

And you are literally burning off any trace of the real you because you think it is ‘bad’ and indulgent to do only what you want to do, be only what you want to be and have exactly what you want to have.

Even though the evidence has already proved that you are not actually happy!

You have, for sure, got some of the stuff they said YOU SHOULD WANT but it is not hitting the spot for you.

You are not as happy as THEY said you should be.

And you try…

Yes, you try to be…

But you are not.

You are fed up of denying who you are.

And honey, you no longer have to.

You can be you in your business and in your life.

That is the only way you will ever experience the heights of happiness, fulfillment, wealth that you know is possible.

YOU no longer need to look at anyone else and figure out what they are doing right. The answers are and have always been within you.

You just need to honour yourself.

For so long, I did this too.

I hid myself trying to make everyone else happy and guess what? They were not happy anyway – It felt like they wanted more and more from me and it got to the point where I knew I could no longer give and give and be who they wanted me to be.

The truth is, I was never very good at being what I thought people wanted me to be, anyway.

So, I am not sure why I did it for so long!

I had to fight for every single ‘good’ thing I got and then I would get there and realize it was just not that good anyway.

I was always on to the next thing…

Not realizing that the next thing I was fighting for was still something that I possibly would not want but because I had been brainwashed for so long, I believed it was something else I needed to do.

All the time, I was indirectly searching for happiness, for fulfillment, for permission to just be me but I did not realize that. I kept fighting for the external things, rather than looking inside of me for the things that will bring true wealth.

How do I explain this?

Sometimes, I do not have enough words.

Now, I still fight but for a different reason.

I am fighting for me! For the real me!

Yes I still want all the external trappings of success and I want the accolades etc but I refuse to dampen who I am to get it.

I deliberately choose to have it all.

And now, I know I am on a journey to ME!

And that is the journey I call you on.

Yes, I want you to be incredibly wealthy…

Yes, I want you to have all the external trappings of success…

AND YES, I want you to get it all while being YOU!

With no apology!

Your business is a part of you

It evolves with you.

You can attract people who like you for you. You no longer need to be a performing monkey.

You must CHOOSE YOU!

In my business, I thought I HAD to be only about tips, tricks and strategies as that is all people want from me so I tried to shut down the interesting bits – How a lack of forgiveness can keep your business stuck, How your inability to be free sexually means you will never experience freedom in other areas of life, how speaking to God and Him answering me back makes me more wealthy, how singing opens me up to new creative ideas and so many other weird and wonderful things – No, it is not the type of thing people talk about and yet, these are truths that have propelled my wealth from one degree of glory to another.

So, in the hiding, I become bland.

As you hide you, you too become bland and neither you nor anyone else is completely convinced about what you have to offer the world.

It is time to return to purpose.

It is time to return to fulfillment.It is time to be you and create wealth being YOU in your full glory.

Will you dare?

Yes, it is scary to transition across and it has taken me some time to get here and I certainly would not suggest you do it alone – I never have. I chose to work with a coach/mentor as soon as I decided to get serious about being all I can be and I still work with 2 now.

And so, everyday I talk about what is going on in my head and how I see the world and I invite you to come and be part of my inner circle – the Deliberate Millionaire Assembly ( if you are ready to get deliberate about all areas of your life so that you can create wealth in a way that feels good to you.

And the thing is, when it feels good to you, when it is something you feel passionate about, the hard work that must be done feels like fun so you get more of it done and ALSO, you serve more people so suddenly, you are making a difference and a fortune just by being you.


But you have to make that choice – That initial choice to CHOOSE YOU!

Much Amazing Love

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