Building Your Network Marketing Business – Five Tips for Better Contact Marketing

Most people get to the point in their network marketing business where they think they are about to run out of people to get in touch with.  Howvere, it is not true.  It takes learning the skill of making new contacts each and every day.  It needs to become a habit for you if you intend to build a huge team and we do live in a day and age where it really is so much simpler than it used to be.

Time to start spotting opportunities everywhere.

Here are a few ideas to help you with both online and offline contact marketing


  1. Focus on building the relationship with people.Do not jump right in with the sale as that puts people off and also, it makes it feel like you are pretty desperate and desperation does not sell at all. When you meet or connect with people first, talk to them, understand where they are at and where appropriate, mention what you do but make sure you get a sense of who the person is before doing that.
  2. Learn how to set up an autoresponder series

    Lots of people in direct selling seem to stay stuck in the offline realm of contact marketing and this limits them. You however can learn some of the ideas behind internet marketing and use it as a method to stay in touch with the people you meet each day.
  3. Take advantage of your social media networks Where do you spend your time online? Can it be better used to build your business? A lot of your potential prospects are available on social media so have a plan for making new contacts each day. Each social media platform will have a system for making new connections. Take advantage of that everyday. And the great thing about social media is that you can build relationships by entering the world of your people and see what is happening in their life, offer some assistance and ultimately, be a friend but with focus.
  4. Forums & GroupsThis can work both offline and online. Where do the people you want to link up with, hang out? Are they in social media groups then get inside those groups. Do they attend meet up groups? – Pop over to the MeetUp site and see what types of groups are available for you to attend. Again, the idea here is to build relationships and spot opportunities to support people by introducing your products or business opportunity.
  5. Remember you are a business developerToo many people involved in network marketing seem to think that they need to sell everyone immediately. Definitely find opportunities to mention your product or opportunity but ultimately, understand you are in this for the long haul. You are not a fly-by-night business owner so take the long view and build relationships
  6. Make it a habit to speak with people

    Make a point of connecting with people whereever you go.  No longer be swallowed up in your own concerns, listen in and be friendly to whoever you meet each day.  You do not know who they know and frankly, it is just a more joyous way to live.

  7. Face down your fears and take massive action

    If you are trying to transition into your own business doing network marketing, then you must be willing to give up any fears and do whatever it takes to keep growing your contact lists each day.

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