I know you think this is about me!

But it is not!

It is completely about you!


Because I am appalled, APPALLED at how we the Spirit-Driven can act so weak about what we want out of this life!

We are supposed to be the STRONG ONES! We KNOW that we are created in the image of the Divine.  We KNOW that we carry unlimited power within us, power that conquers death and fear and yet…

YET, I see you acting like you are so weak and wimpy and that nothing can work out for you!

And of course, it will not work out – YOU are not listening to Spirit!

You are playing yourself down.

You don’t value what you are about!

You downplay your message at every turn and you settle for a boring version of success!

And then wonder why you feel so empty inside.

The spiritual gurus promised you freedom, happiness, fulfilment but all you have is this dissatisfaction with the status quo!

And of course, you are dissatisfied!  You don’t seem to realise that Your vision is your permission!

Because if you fully KNEW that, then you would not still be sitting on your awesome arse doing nothing but praying, waiting, affirming, hoping, pleading with the heavens for some door to be open – Seriously, how would you know that the door was open? You are not pushing on anything!

Honey, I am taking the limits off of me…

I am pushing every freaking door there is…

I am releasing everyone from my world that is not my person – I don’t ask them to go.  They start to feel out of place around me and they back out because when it comes down to it, they just don’t have what it takes.  They just want a peaceful life where they can pretend to be happy, pretend to be connected to Source and ultmately just wait for their prince to come and save the day!

My Prince has called me to be a warrior!

A fighter for truth, for freedom, for every freaking thing that life has to offer and as I am doing it, I show others how to do it too! But it is not for those who just want a peaceful life.

It is for the Spirit-Driven Entrepreneurial Leaders Who Want MORE impact and income and refuse to be stuck any longer.

Is that you?

Here is what you need to do


This is not some “I have my quiet time in the morning and then forget about Source until the same time tomorrow… maybe!” thing.  This is ongoing connection.  Ongoing digging in for wisdom, Ongoing asking for teh next step. Ongoing acting on what yuo hear.  You may call it tapping into yourself, your intuition, your inner guidance, whatever but if you are spirit-driven and yuo are not doing this all the time, every day then of course, you are acting from a place of weakness.

You are the branch, He is The Vine – Without the connection, you wither and die.  It looks like the lack of fulfilment you are currently feeling in your life, honey!  Thankfully, you can turn it around!  You get second chance, 3rd chance, 10th chance, 1001st chance until you really truly get this or you die in unfulfilment – YOUR CHOICE – What will it be?

I can help you strengthen your connection with Source so that you are empowered every freaking day to listen in and hear what needs to be heard to move you towards your own $4million business.


It goes without saying surely that you have to act on what you hear.

Hearing alone is not enough!


This is where lots of spirit-driven entrepreneurs drop the ball.  They start looking for further clarity ebcause they got scared of what they were bring asked to do.  So, instead of just saying they were scared and asking for courage, they say silly things like “I just need to understand more”, “I just need to get clear”.  This is why you cannot do this journey alone and you definitely cannot do it while asking people in yoru world what to do!  they know less than you do and you ask for their input.  Be honest – There is a part of you that wants them to tell you to chill out because then you can feel better about wimping out.

YOU KNOW when you are wimping out, honey!  You KNOW! And you cannot hide from yourself indefinitely!  Not without getting addicted to some form of dampening yourself out – The drinks, the TV, the food, the sex stuff you do that makes you feel bad.


You may be acting on what you are hearing but you may be doing in the slowest possible way and so everything is taking a frustratingly long time!  Challenge yourself to act faster than ever before.  Take the fucking limits off and play full out!  trusting that Spirit will catch you if yuo ever fall.  This ‘one foot in, the other one out’ approach is pretty dang soul-destroying because you get nowhere fast.  NOWHERE AT ALL and before too long, you will probably quit because yuo never really challenged yourself and played to the fullness of your ability!



You may have read the title of this blog and thought to yourself that it would be greedy of you to say that that is what you want.  BUt it is what you want or esel yu would not still be reading this.  Or more to the point, you want your own version of huge success and for me, the $4million is just step one – I am going well beyond that and I am doing with the help of Spirit.

I KNOW now after years of faffing around and doubting myself and whether I was allowed to go after every single thing I wanted…

I KNOW now that Spirit wants this and more for me and for every single person on this planet that will take Him up on his offer of abundance.

Honey, you are allowed to want as much as you want!  AS MUCH AS YOU WANT!  The religious gurus told you to keep yuor desires small because they were trying to tame you.  They told you that to want it all was greedy and selfish – They were operating from a place of lack.  And you bought into the nonsense, just like I did.  BE DONE WITH THE NONSENSE!


And it is okay!

So, again, take the limits off and play full out!


This, honey, is what will accelerate your business growth.

This ability AND COURAGE to fully own your weirdness.  To fully own your Donald-Trump Craziness.  TO FULLY BE YOU!

And that may mean cutting certain people out of your life – Be honest, you don’t want them there anyway!

That may mean becoming a bit of a diva (male or female, this applies) about only doing what you want to do to create space for your dreams to come about.  This will mean facing your untrue beliefs about what selfishness really means.  And you can take that stuff to Spirit or you can keep pretending that some speech you heard when you were 5 years old from some dude standing at the front of the room is reality, or from a parent who wanted you to toe the party line is the truth instead of an attempt to keep you under control – YOUR CHOICE!

I could go on and on about what I am doing to build my $4million business but you know what, I don’t just want lookie-loos who are not invested in the journey.  I invite you to work with me to break down your limits, to free you from the need to play small, to be the champion-warrior you are born to be.

Are you done with the small game?

Are you ready to go full-out after everything you want?

Are you done with cloaking it in holy-sounding language so that you are accepted by the norms around you?

Or are you ready to admit you want sooooo freaking much, it hurts at times to have to pretend you are satisfied with what others may consider ‘enough’ but it feels YUK to you?

If this is you and you are ready to move forward…

Let’s go!

Come work with me in the DELIBERATE MILLIONAIRE ASSEMBLY at https://mibusiness.lpages.co/the-deliberate-millionaire-50-discount/

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