I was reading a passage today about King Solomon and how he started to build a huge magnificent temple for the Divine…

King Solomon is known to this day for his wisdom and wealth and it was the legacy built by his parents that started him off.

According to the stories, he was a child of ‘sin’.  His father, David, had slept with his mother when she was married to another and not only that, David had ensured that his mother’s previous husband would be killed in battle so that David could claim this woman for his own.

And despite this less than stellar entrance into the world, the legacy DAVID built was one that he, SOLOMON, could now build upon.

Do you understand that the life you are creating will go well beyond you?

Do you fully appreciate the fact that the legacy you are building will serve generations that follow you?

Why waste time wallowing in doubt, procrastination and despair?

How many more 12 month periods must pass before you finally surrender to the calling on your life?

AWAKEN and get on the DELIBERATE MILLIONAIRE PATH to Peace, Purpose & A 6 Figure+ Income 

Commit to your personal growth

Commit to the growth of your wealth

Commit to living a life of peace, purpose and prosperity in all its forms

YOU are the authority in your life

YOU are the one with all the choices

Regardless of how fixed your life may seem

YOU have the power to change anything or everything within it

Step by step

Day by Day

Moment by moment

You get to make new decisions

You get to shift the trajectory of your life

It is not enough to wish for it

You must ACT as someone who KNOWS your triumph is sure


David was imperfect

Solomon was also imperfect

And yet, they are recorded in history as powerful people who changed the trajectory of the world

And there you are, all worried about some mistakes you have made…

There you are, stalling yourself because you think you are not perfect…

WAKE UP and get on your path, my love

You KNOW you are called and meant for more

And the only thing that can stall that is YOUR BELIEF that you are not good enough or worthy enough or whatever enough


It is time for you to LIVE

It is time for you to start creating that generational wealth

It is time for you to truly commit to the creation of your legacy

Will you?

Go now and get the Deliberate Millionaire 6 Figure Income Book Collection as your starting place for shifting the noise, nonsense and drama that keeps you stuck in place, living the same day repeatedly.

You are meant for more – WAKE UP!

Much Amazing Love

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