Build That Mailing List: 7 Places To Place a Sign Up Opportunity

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Build That Mailing List fast: 7 Places to get more sign ups

As an entrepreneur, you must know the importance of building a list. Without a list, you may be building nothing that lasts. You may be getting the sales but how much more could you be getting if you got very deliberate about growing your contact database. One of the quickest ways to grow your profits is to get your customers to buy and buy again from you.

Are you doing that? No, then you are leaving money on the table.

Here are a few key places to put your sign up box in order to get more people signing up to your subscriber list.

Your Home Page

Do not let your prospects pass go without being shown your sign up box. As soon as they pop on over to your site, make sure it is the first thing that they see. Make it unmissable – Offer a free giveaway that actually gets attention.

A feature box

If your technical skill is up to it, get a feature box that tops every single page of your website or blog so that again, your prospects do not miss an opportunity to sign up for your list. If you are not technical, then get someone who is to help you out. It is worth paying out a little to make sure you are obtaining every single subscriber that you can. The money really is in your list.

The Top Of Your Sidebar

Make it a priority item on your website. Let most pages have the sidebar on it and right at the top, ensure there is a way for your people to sign up to your list.

At the bottom of every post

Again, make sure that there is a call to action on every post. Where possible, make the call to action specific to the detail in the post. Make it something that your people will fall over themselves to get access to, having read the post. You might even want to offer the post itself as a downloadable PDF. Ultimately test various ways to get people to respond and join your list.

In the middle of every post

It is not overkill to break posts up with a call to action to join your mailing list. Have some html prepared so that you are ready to use it to get people onto your list without causing you to lose your line of thought when writing your blog post.Use the words “Just before you carry on reading, would you like more information on_______________, pop over here to get _________________” and then carry on with the post.Test and see how effective this is at building your list by having a different sign up box for each area on your site and keep a document open with the different html codes for each area. That way, you can see what is working and what is not working.

Remarket to people

As people turn up on your website, have a remarketing code from both Google and Facebook that you place on each post and this way you can follow them around the internet asking them to take the action. If you are not technical enough at the moment to get this done, just ask someone else to show you how to do it and to put the various codes in an easy place for you to use over and over again after you have learnt how to do it. It seems complicated to set it up at the start but it gets easy once you have done it the first time.The idea behind this one is to stay in front of people wherever they are and keep asking them to join your list. This is a very cost-effective way to build your list.

Use your social media platforms

Make sure that you are always inviting people to join your list on your social media platforms as well. Do not leave it to chance and assume that your fans will pop over to yoru site and sign up without some input from you.Each day, make at least one of your updates, an invitations to join your mailing list using one of your free giveaways.

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