Facebook is all the rage at the moment, isn’t it? And from the looks of things, it is likely to keep going up and up and up and so building an audience for your network marketing business is a lot easier than it used to be because you know with enough willpower and some money, you can generate an abundance of leads for your business by using Facebook.

Learning how to do Facebook marketing can make your life considerable easier so take advantage of it and learn all you can about how to use it.

Let’s talk about three main areas of Facebook that are great for increasing your prospects and potential distributors.

 1. Your Profile

Yes, your profile can be a place to attract more people who are interested in your business. You can make a point of everyday doing a Facebook graph search to find people who are not your friends but who like something you are interested in that is in some way related to your business.

And then send out messages to them asking them to connect with you. You can ask for a certain number of people to be your friends before Facebook notices that your requests are coming think and fast and they may penalize you so instead, pop over to people’s profiles and see what they are about and ask if they want to link up with you.

Then everyday, put up a post of what you are up to – A lifestyle post that strategically mentions your business. Do not think that you only have to share those stories of popping off to some country or the other and just pics of the high life, you may not have those yet but you, being you is more interesting than you realize to people with the occasional mention of your business. Put up an inspirational quote each day and get people communicating with you and then get interested in them and invite them to take a look at your business opportunity presentation.

Make sure you link with everyone on Facebook.

And for the sale of privacy, remember that you can set certain things to only be seen by your family or close friends. When you make that initial connection with people, get into the habit of putting them on different lists so that you can keep certain things private.

 2. Your Business Page

If you do not have one, set one up immediately in your name. Remember in network marketing or your MLM business, there are many others selling exactly what you are so using the product name in your business page name just makes you blend into the rest. You want to stand out and guess what?! There is no one quite like you.

On your business page, update it regularly with a range of things like information on your products and how they support people, inspirational quotes, ask questions to boost engagement and make invitations to people to come work with you. Do a video about your business opportunity and feature it on your page so that people can find out more about what you are you and your business opportunity.

Though Facebook organic reach is not as great as it used to be, it is still worth the effort to have a page and also, if you ever want to do any advertising, you will need one.

3. Facebook groups

Use graph search to find groups related to things you are interested in. I say things you are interested in because the chances are that if you are interested in this thing (whatever it is ) and you chose to join your business opportunity then there are probably other people amongst the 1 billion people on Facebook who are also similarly inclined. And also, the fact that it is something you are interested in means you can intelligently be a part of the group and get attention by answering questions and being seen as a bit of an expert. You will then find people ask to be your friend, the more they hear what you have to say. And so then people are drawn into your world.

The next step to this is that you form your own groups and attract people to them as well and keep it updated with content that is of use to people who choose to join and you use it to build relationships.

Realise that your whole business is relationship driven so do not just focus on telling people about the opportunity, also focus in on getting to know people so that you can offer assistance just at the right moment for them.

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