Here is a question I got recently from someone in my community…

“I am a xxx (MLM Company) Business owner, selling the great products. I work from home, I am doing a leaflet drop to all the shops where I live. I need to get my name out there to inform people what I am doing. I have sorted a Facebook page and looking to try and get people booking parties in their own homes. Thanks for the help.”

This is my response.

Great work on setting up the Facebook page – That would be where you build as much community as possible around who you are.  Now, the thing I would check is what name did you call it?  Most MLM’ers try to mention their product in the name and I just think that is such a boring way to do things as well as it puts people off immediately because some peeps are just fed up of being pitched the product.

Personally, I would call the page by the business owner’s name like I do with my page but then I have some peeps saying their business is different and I just say, well, don’t listen then! and usually, they do in the end.  The other thing is this, naming your page by your name means you are free to change direction whenever you want to and you may well want to at some point because if you are a true entrepreneur, it will not satisfy you to only ever sell someone else’s product and so at some point, you may outgrow the company and then have to start from scratch again with a new Facebook page.

OK, so now you have that FB page, the next thing I would suggest is posting regularly on the page – 5 – 8 times at a minimum (yes, I hear you shriek in horror!)  and yet, I wonder how much time you are wasting currently dilly-dallying around calling that warm/cold list so why not take the time to build community with your postings daily on our page.

Get people responding to you and no, it ain’t easy unless it comes naturally to you.

For most peeps, you gotta work at it.

Next, be growing that page daily – So, personally I would do Facebook Ads and leave them running on a continuous basis and be connecting with the people on the page.  You can also pop into some FB groups and make yourself known – LEAD with your product as most groups are uncertain about the validity of MLM businesses.

Next, have a free giveaway that is related in some way with your product and only give it to peeps who give you their contact details.

Daily, offer the free giveaway and daily, offer your product for sale.

And as you get people onto your mailing list, write a newsletter or plain old email at least twice a week with an invitation to buy your product.

Stay consistent with all the above.

In the meantime, to get those parties in people’s homes, start with one or two in yours and invite people to it and then ask them to host one for you.  You will have to sometimes, get really persistent and be VERY determined to not finish a party without someone agreeing to host one for you so that you do not break the chain.  Leave your nervousness at the door and make those gatherings fun for the people who attend, so they feel inclined to do it too.

Leaflets work great as long as they are written well but expect to give out a few thousand to get even a few responses.  About a 0.1% response is to be expected – anymore than that and you have a great leaflet.

And if you are going to do this well, become THE person people know in your neighbourhood.  Do not expect to do leaflets once or twice and get lots of results, it does not work that way – Everything works with consistence and also with constant testing and tweaking.

Test one leaflet against another until you get one that really works for you.  Expect the response to drop off when people get used to seeing it and then you may have to start another one.

OK, so that would be my initial response.  I could say a lot more but start there!

Please remember.

  1. Your vision is your permission.
  2. You are capable of your calling.
  3. You are much more powerful than you realise.
  4. Yes you can get everything you want.
  5. You are loved. You are enough. You are worthy. You deserve the very best of everything.


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Much Amazing Love 

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