Be a Breath of Fresh Air To Everyone in Your World Today

By September 19, 2014September 28th, 2014My Journey

Breath of Fresh AirToday, be a breath of fresh air to the people who come in contact with you. Leave everyone feeling a little bit happier for having known you. Make it your definite duty to be powerful for the people around you.

Think about how you feel some days when you wake up and you have to face a day full of stuff you would rather not be doing. Think of how you feel when you have to face a life doing things you do not want to do in order to retire at the end of your 40 year stint and THEN maybe you will start to enjoy life.

Think of how demoralizing that feeling can be.

Yep, that is how a whole lot of people live their life – They live in hopes of one day being able to give it all up and maybe move to a sunny climate and THEN start to live it up!


You may be the only bright spark they come across in the whole day so choose to be a breath of fresh air.


And not only that, each day, they are exposed to news of riots round the world, extremists killing people left, right and centre, they are exposed to fear about all manner of things from child kidnapping to the fact that their mobile phones may be frying their brains.


And again, you might be the only bright spark that comes their way so choose to be a breath of fresh air.


We all live in this world where negativity is rife and if we are not careful, we can live with a low level of fear all the time.

You are a person who is aware of this so you choose to expose yourself to more positive things. However, all around you are people who are not aware at all. They do not know that exposing themselves to everything out there can cause them to retreat, can cause them to become smaller, can cause them to live fearful, diminished lives.


You may be the only bright spark they come across today so choose to be a breath of fresh air.


Choose to step up and be that LIGHT for them. Even when it feels like you too want to hide away, choose to take the focus off of you and what you lack and choose instead to be of service to those in your world.

Your product, your service, your whole business is not just about you selling something, it is about you spreading happiness, joy, light to the world around you. Take your responsibility seriously.

Do not hide yourself, do not hide your light, do not give into the thought that what you do is just about serving yourself and making money just for you and yours.


What you do is a whole lot more than that.


Put on your warrior self, friend! Choose to live as a light in the world. Let your business bring joy & positivity to anyone you come in contact with today.


Be a BREATH OF FRESH AIR to everyone. OK?

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