You are living life in reverse.  Allowing things that are no longer relevant, space in your head.  Allowing people who are no longer here, to affect you.  Surely, it is time to be done with that.

To be free, to stand tall, knowing that you came through all of that and you are still standing.

I mean, people look at your life and they think you have it made and yet, there is something inside of you that cannot quite let go of the hurt, the pain, the emptiness of the past.

As you hold on, you give up any possibility of finding happiness in your today.

It is like there are chains holding onto you, pulling you back into your past, pulling you back into the bad days, you cannot completely relax in your ‘now’.

You think you have something to prove to people who do not care.

You do things to show how capable you are but it is obvious to me that you are just filling in a hole, a gap inside of you that arises because you do not feel capable.

Let go.

The past is the past.  Do not give it current power over you.

There is life to be lived, wealth to be created, happiness to enter into.

Choose to be happy.

Choose to be full of joy.

Choose to be free.

It is all a choice and you can make a powerful one.

You are a leader, you have nothing to prove.

Choose YOU! and let go of any need to prove anything to anyone.

Peace is not found in that place.

Abundance, wealth, joy, fulfilment are found when you do things because you want to, because you choose to, not to show anyone up.  Honey, I get it, you are strong.  You don’t have to prove it.  You can relax and just let the real you come through. YOu can enjoy life again.  You can just be.

When last did you relax?  When last did you just feel it was okay to let all of you hang out?

Let go.

Let peace in.

There is nothing you will say to me that will shock or distress me.  I just want you to be free – No other agenda.

And when you feel that freedom inside of you, you will step up a whole lot more powerfully than you currently are.  You do not even realise how much all this living in reverse is holding you back.  YOu think you are strong now, just wait and see what happens when you really are free.

It will be amazing.

Come into the ABUNDANCE LIBRARY and let the clearing begin.

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