Your Brain is so very powerful

And it can be used to benefit you or to hinder you…

You are at the helm of this machine

Are you being deliberate?

Some people go through their whole life hindered by things that only exist in their imagination…

They think that the world looks down on them for their colour, their size, their current bank balance, their religion, their job, where they live…

And because they allow their brain to come up with all kinds of ideas and imaginations about what will happen if they ever try to do anything in a world that they imagine is stacked up against them, they NEVER ACTUALLY TRY!

Their brain became the fighting ground, rather than the real marketplace…

They NEVER gave themselves an opportunity to succeed because they bought into false imaginings that told them that the world was against them and that there was nothing they could ever do about it.

I have done this many times and it is always a lightbulb moment to realise that I was the ONLY thing in my own way…

It had nothing to do with anything external

I just dreamt up a scenario that had never happened to me personally and my brain which cannot tell the difference between what is real and what is imagined, just simply took me over and next thing I know, I am paralysed into inaction.

Maybe, it was a scene from some television program that got lodged into my brain as reality…

Or it was some story on the radio that told me that people of my race were being hunted down and there is no way that I will be allowed to prosper…

Or maybe, it is news from a foreign land telling me that people of my religion are being killed…

Whatever it is, my imagination takes over…

Puts me in the scene…

I become scared…

I hide my light and get caught up in a false story of why I cannot act.

And unfortunately for most people, everyone around them is buying into the same nonsensical story so they keep feeding each other lies and terrible imaginings over and over again…

Until a WHOLE community is stifled by the same false stories being fed to brains all over the place…

How silly when you are on the outside looking in…

Wondering why on earth all these people are acting in this crazy manner!

When they could simply stop buying the mass lie and choose to go after whatever it is that they want.

But as I say, the brain is a powerful machine…

It will stifle you, try to keep you ‘safe’ if you let it out of your tight control.

You must master your mind!

In order to be free, you must MASTER YOUR MIND!

And then you must master what you allow into your mind…

And master who you are allowing to influence you!

You have to get VERY DELIBERATE about every area of your life or else you will lose this one life of yours to imagined fears.

And honey, you are born for more than that!

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Much Amazing Love

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