Yes, you are born for more…

More prosperity in all areas of life…

More abundance…

More opportunities…

More love…

More of every single thing you desire…

It is yours!

You can imagine it and it is yours but you have to get past the hold backs…

  1. Am I worth it?

This is a question you ask deep inside of you.  I know your initial response will be ‘YES’ but then look around you, look at the things you do daily.  Are you living as someone who knows that they are worth more?  Are you putting up with words spoken over you by people who should love you but who demean you?

Are you hanging around environments that make you feel poor and broke and small?

Are you staying stuck in work that does not elevate you and in fact, makes you feel frustrated and bored?

And yet, though you feel these things, are you doing something to repair the situation or have you decided that this is what normal life looks like and you have to simply put up with it?

Well, what you allow, will absolutely continue!

Self – Belief and Self-Worth IS A CHOICE!

2) Will it work for me?

If it works for someone else, then why the heck not you?  I suppose it brings us back to point 1 – Are you worth it because if you choose to have a low sense of your worth then you will always fight to keep the lower life when you really could step up into a higher version of life.  And the unfortunate thing is that mostly, you will not realise, without outside objective feedback, that you are doing it.

And it does not really matter where you start from.  You could look successful to the world but still feel worthless and so you will never live to the fullness of your potential, you will never determinedly follow the call on your life because you will keep telling yourself to be happy with things the way they are, after all you do not have it too bad.

Just because it ain’t broke, DOES NOT MEAN YOU CANNOT FIX IT!


Go after your real life!

3) The Familiar

Have you got too comfortable with your struggle?

I know that sounds crazy but people do do this…

They get more comfy with the struggle, with the lesser life and the idea of leaving behind the devil they know is too scary to make real and so they get to keep the struggle…

Every so often, they pretend to step things up a little but then as soon as any additional difficulty shows up, they run back to safety.  EVEN THE SAFETY of a YUK life!

Do not let that be you!

YOU ARE BORN FOR MORE but you are going to have to push out of the comfort zone to claim that life.  You are going to have to trust that you have what it takes to create the life you dream of.   You are going to have to stop listening to the normal rhetoric of what life can be like for ‘people like you’.  You are going to have to stop looking to people you do not admire, for example.

And you need to forge a new path.

4) Will you plant some seeds?

You want something new? You are going to have to plant new seeds to reap a better and different harvest.  I see and speak to lots of people who hold on tight to their little seeds, hoping that somehow the seed will grow in their hand.

It never happens.  Seeds stay static or die whilst outside of a fertile soil.  You have to bury the seed in order for it to grow.  The seed for you can be time, money, energy – At the moment, all of those things feel limited to you.

Your time is eaten up building a life you do not really like but feel you cannot escape from…

Your money is just about enough for your current needs, maybe not even that…

Your energy is at an all time low because you are on the wrong path for you and you wonder how you will find the energy to give to something new but you are thinking about it all wrong…

You are thinking about all these three things WRONG because you are coming at it from where you are.  I know you think that you have to do that but that is just the normal way of doing things and you do not want a normal life.

The ‘BORN FOR MORE’ life demands that you plant seeds to build a life that is not real yet, except in your imagination!

You have to give it your time, even though you feel you have no time – YOU MAKE THE TIME to build a new, more expansive life.  Wake up earlier, put more boundaries in place, stop spending time trying to make everyone else happy, go to bed later.  FIGURE OUT HOW TO CREATE MORE TIME in your day, even if it means you get ruthless in carving out time for your ‘MORE’ life.

You have to invest money in yourself and in your new life – You do not know what you do not know! And all you know has got you here so you want to go further, you have to invest in yourself.  you have to show willing to put some skin in the game.  You have to Show your own self that you are COMMITTED!  Not just looking for free handouts that you can then discard because it cost you nothing.  Holding on to your money so far has done nothing more than cause it to reduce so why do you think anything will change if you keep taking the same actions?

You have to invest your energy in yourself – Again, boundaries need to be put in place in your relationships – How much energy are you using to hold grudges to build other people’s agendas?  How much energy is being taken up living to rules, and traditions that do not empower you? Religious or familial traditions that do not empower you, need to go.  You need to stop fighting your maverick nature and realise that you do not agree with so many of the rules you have been living to, to date.  Set yourself and YOUR ENERGY free to pursue things that you actually want.

Fight for, deliberately design the life you are born to live

Because you want to

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