Stop with the second guessing before you share your voice – Just yell it out loud…

Stop with the overthinking before you put something out – It just takes up so much time…

Just believe enough in the power of you to put your words out in the world fast, swiftly and with faith!


Because there is no one like you and there are many copycats of whoever it is you think you want to be like!

And frankly, you make a mediocre lame FORGETTABLE version of someone else!

You have a voice…

Something unique to say!

Yep, on the surface it may sound the same as someone else but really, it is not the same!

And yes, others may be saying it but that don’t mean you have to be silent!


The way you speak is different from the way someone else speaks, even if the end message is the same!

Some people will resonate with you more than they do the other person so stop hiding who you are and start speaking boldly about what you stand for.

You want to impact a helluva lot of people with your art, music, books…

Or you want to teach, speak, coach, counsel, heal then get attention by being YOU!

Nobody else!

YOU! are the magic

YOU carry the energy that some people need!

And it is only as YOU show up that they will then go on to buy from you!

And frankly, it is not even always that easy and you just make it even harder by not being whoever the fuck you ARE!

All that time you waste being someone you are not, is time that you are not touching the heartstrings of your person…

And it is gonna take quite a few tugs at those heartstrings to get their attention even when you are being your most unfiltered self so why waste all that time, pretending to be someone other than you!

I sometimes think I am talking to the deaf because I see you… STILL!!!!

Trying to blend in!

Reading my writing for the wrong reason…

Instead of reading it to be inspired to put your own stuff out there, you are reading and analysing it to understand how I structure my sentences or some other nonsense like that so that you can do it in exactly the same way!

As if that will give you any results!


What will give you results is an unapologetic determination to be your own damn self!

To love and trust yourself enough to show up as YOU!

To know that it is YOU that your people want to hear from!

To stop hiding behind strategy and technique but to be your brave vulnerable self out in the world and deliberately call your perfect people in!

And one way to ensure you are doing this is to tap into Source and to act from the intuitive nudges inside of you!

And I can show you how to do this in The DELIBERATE MILLIONAIRE ASSEMBLY

Come join in now at

Fight for, deliberately design the life you are born to live…

Because you want to!

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