Blessed are those who trust in the Divine and have made Him Their hope and confidence

From Jeremiah (The Bible)

I read that this morning and it made me think of those spirit-driven souls who desperately want to build a highly profitable online business but who find it so hard to trust that they can…

They find it hard to believe that they are allowed to change lives with their own skills, experiences and strengths and also make at least $5k from their efforts…

For some reason, they have allowed themselves to be conditioned into believing that spirituality and poverty run hand in hand – What utter nonsense!

And so they go one of 2 ways…

1. Sit around, visualising, praying (begging and pleading) and healing, healing, HEALING all their inner wounds and past dramas and clearing their energy fields and checking the stars to be sure it is an auspicious time for… something.  They usually give away their service for free or barter it.  They feel resentful about it but judge that as their unhealed nature and get to healing some more. And they tell themselves that they love their people so much that they should do the work for free.  They are then forced to stay in a job that drains them but hey, it pays the bills or they are dependent on the government forever.  Most die with the fullness of their vision still unfulfilled within them.


2. They give up on being able to do their purpose work and take care of responsibilities.  So their spirituality is put to one side, maybe just a first thing in the morning thing or a ‘one day a week’ thing or maybe much more than that, with evenings and weekends and every spare moment spent giving away their skills for free in their religious organisation while during the work day, they are working harder and harder to keep their bills paid.  They tell themselves it is the best of both worlds and that they have to be reasonable and so on.  Their response to any money need is to work harder and harder and put their spiritual work on hold.  They dream of retiring one day to do what they really want to do.  It is always sometime in the future…  when the children leave home, when the parents don’t need them, when they have more time, more money and so on.  Most die with their music still in them.

(The second group was definitely where I made my home for a while and I used to judge the first group.)

If only either group would REALLY trust the Source within them, rather than the conditions others have placed upon them, how different life would be?

I have certainly been blessed as a result of my deliberate connection to Source…

The more I trust the Divine as my instant constant unlimited source, the more I receive

The more I remember my own divinity, the more I create

It has nothing to do with what the world is telling me, is available…

If I had listened to that, I would still be a pharmacist telling myself to be reasonable and only do the things I dreamt of, in my spare time.

Thankfully, I know that I create my own reality (and so do you, by the way!)

And I do it by connecting with Source and living from this connection…

I see in my mind what I decide to create

I handle any ideas that tell me that I cannot, thereby clearing the way for source power to flow through this pictures in my subconscious mind and draw them into my physical reality

I am literally magnetic as I choose to trust the divine power within me.

I do not sit on my hands

Faith without work, is dead

Nothing happens if I do nothing

I am blessed when my inner vision is partnered with outer action

I have built a highly profitable online business as a result of this trust…

If I had looked around me and then made decisions, I would still be a pharmacist – Not bad by any means but NOT ME!

I am called to be free

And I am called to support other spirit-driven people in creating at least $5k in their own businesses as they too learn to realise that they can be both spiritual and wealthy, if they choose to be.

I made the transition out of pharmacy

My clients have done the same

It is your turn.

STEP ONE: Grab this training video I did recently which gives you many different options to create wealth as a spirit-driven person using your skills, strengths and experiences to build an online  business –

We are called to change lives with the skills, strengths, experiences we have.

Will you allow yourself to create wealth, doing what you love to do?

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Much Amazing Love

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