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It’s Black Friday Weekend!!!!!

And I have something awesome in play for you!

For the next few days – Today until the end of Cyber Monday, You can get 2 months in the Deliberate Millionaire for just ONE payment of $37, a 50% saving!!!!!

Take action now though, No procrastinating!  It has never been this cost-effective and it may never ever be again!

No exceptions – this ends Monday Midnight Eastern Time!

Ready to join?

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Make Stuff Happen Now


Here’s The Step-By-Step Process To Attract More Customers, Clients, Recruits While Building A Business & Life You Love!

Hey Dudes and Dudettes – are you a determined so-and-so with BIG ideas about what you want to make happen in life and business?

Do you want to enjoy freedom & wealth without having to conform, compromise or continue to live a boring life as someone you are not?

Who Are You-Where are You-What (10)

You have dreams, You have ideas, You know you are created for more…

You are strong, you are capable and everyone knows it and yet, YOU KNOW you are not yet living to your full potential and you are ready for that to stop.

You are a hard worker, that is not the issue – OH NO!!! You can work and work if necessary and yet, you are still not quite where you want to be and you are not even sure anymore that what you dream about, is possible…

You have a story, don’t you?

A story that others would have collapsed under and yet, you are still standing BUT…


You are not content being the same as everyone else…

You know you are just procrastinating…

Because when you really look at the big dream you have, it seems IMPOSSIBLE!

The big dream of freedom, of abundant wealth, of an awesome life as the leader you truly are – It seems too much…


And everyone just tells you to settle down and be content but YOU CAN’T

You tried and it is boring!

The Deliberate Millionaire

But you have dabbled at business and it has not worked yet…

Not in the way you imagined it would, so you feel yourself going back to a life that you were discontent with but something inside you just cannot settle down.

You cannot accept that THIS IS IT!

You KNOW you are created to be free, wealthy, successful in all areas…

Free to create wealth your way…

Free to use your strengths to make money in a way that feels good to you…

Free from relationships that hold you back…

Free from your past…

Free from permanently questioning and doubting yourself…

You KNOW there is more to life than this…

So, JOIN me in The Deliberate Millionaire Fast Track Program and together, we will get you past procrastination, get you past overwhelm, put strategies in place to help you deal with the questioning, the doubting, you will learn how to build a business that suits you, making more money faster and easier and this coming year will be your best one yet!

Interested? Yes? Let Me Tell You More…

What is The Deliberate Millionaire About?

Becoming a Deliberate Millionaire is going to change the way you do things forever! And I do not say that lightly…

I say it because everything about this group has been designed to create wealthy, free, living-on-purpose entrepreneurs & leaders over a 3-6 month period. I am going to take you step-by-step through a process of learning EVERYTHING you need to know to build a business that changes lives and creates wealth for you and your family.

And Here’s How…

Once a week, you will have business growth training delivered to your email inbox so that you learn how to attract all the customers, clients, recruits you want!

Once a day, you will have a mindset training mini-tip delivered in the Facebook group so that you stay in action consistently, persistently…

Once a month, you will have a live call where you get questions answered and get personal coaching…

Access to a Private online forum where you can daily ask for what you need instead of getting stuck in overwhelm…

Access to this forum means you can also be held accountable by taking part in the #DailyCheckIn…

The weekly training will take you through this list of 10 programs over a 40 week period:

  1. Business Hero Bootcamp – A clear, step-by-step plan delivered over 7 weeks to take you to Business Hero status with a business that consistently produces an income, day after day after day.
  2. People Please No More – The next thing we deal with is the internal need to please everyone, to keep people happy and therefore to stop ourselves from going after what we want. After learning the step by step plan for business success, it is imperative that you deal with and conquer this insidious enemy and so this is dealt with next. Are you tired of living to please everyone else instead of getting on with creating a life and business that you adore? I hope so!
  3. Build My List Now – And then we move onto deliberately growing the audience of people listening to you and buying your items.  Let’s start you on building that list of 5000 prospects.
  4. Set Up Your Profit-Creating Sales Funnel – Everyone needs an email campaign and sales funnel that works and works and works – I will show you how to convert all those people into buyers using this 2 week program that helps you set out a sales producing email campaign.
  5. Advanced Facebook Training -Next we learn to use Facebook to generate sales using both the free things like your profile, your business page and groups as well as good old paid advertising. Facebook is a goldmine waiting to happen to you!  You can literally build a successful business on free methods and you will be taught it all in this program.
  6. Master Your Money – Most people have crazy ideas about what they are allowed to make, or whether thay can be wealthy – I will help you put your mind in the right plce to attract lots of wealth while changing lives – Change your relationship with money NOW!
  7. Overcome Procrastination – Now, we need to work on why you are procrastinating and stop it from happening! And so we do that with this program.
  8. Wake Up to Your Purpose: Create Wealth Doing Exactly What you Love – Do you wonder what you are on earth to do? This program will make you so clear and then you will be able to even more determinedly be able to apply what you have learnt to date.
  9. Fearless Warrior – How long will fear be allowed to stop you? This program is going to demolish your fears and put you on the path to wealth creation!
  10. Turn What You Know Into Wealth: Online Wealth Creation in 90 Minutes A Day –
    This program will teach you how to take your skills, your experiences, your knowledge and create an incredible amount of wealth starting in 90 minutes a day.

And in addition to this, you will be part of a private online forum where we talk about all kinds of things from sexuality, to relationships, to parenting, to spirituality, to mindfulness, to creating a lifestyle of freedom, to health and anything at all because…


So nothing is sacred, nothing is taboo because if you are a deliberate millionaire, then we have to get pretty darned deliberate about making sure that no hidden secret in your life gets in the way of what you want to create in business or in life!

You will also get a monthly LIVE call with me where you can get all your questions answered.

Become a Deliberate Millionaire today! Normal price is $99 but (and this is the exciting bit!!!!), join in today and get your first two months for the price of one – $37!

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Who is this for?

Welcoming all entrepreneurs (current or about to be) with a message, a calling as well as a desire to create wealth in a business that you love.

Whether you have a product, a service…

Whether you are in Network marketing, eCommerce or Affiliate marketing…

Whether you have a book, music, art to promote…

As long as you are a determined so-and-so and:

You are ready and willing to work hard and take advantage of all that is on offer to get you quick results in your business.

You are comfortable or willing to be comfortable being part of a closed online Facebook forum – Completely private so you can get all the assistance you need confidentially.

You are willing to be challenged when it comes to some of your beliefs so that they no longer get in the way of you being all you can be.

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And who on earth am I?

fearless warrior

I am Rosemary Nonny Knight and I spent the last 8 years or so, going from being a depressed, bankrupt pharmacist to a successful entrepreneur who now supports many in creating a life and business that they adore.

Not so long ago, I dreamt of looking after my 3 princesses and home educating them myself at home while still making money and now it is a reality.

I have dabbled so much at business, trying this and that and giving up when things got difficult and it was not until, I found a huge why in the form of my kids…

It was not until I hit rock bottom – Bankruptcy and depression – that I realised that if my life was going to change, it was completely down to me to create something new. I had to get pretty darned deliberate!

I built up a property management business from scratch with the help of expert coaches and mastermind groups and this time, I stuck with it, instead of giving up and now, life is completely different from the way it used to be.

I am a winner :-D

I then went on to win an award for business person of the year in 2012 (A Porsche Boxster) which led to people asking for my assistance with their businesses and I realised my special skill was in supporting leaders in creating a life and business they loved.

So… If you are a determined dude/dudette with a burning desire to live a life of purpose, making money, creating freedom in a way that suits you and you are absolutely fed up of conforming, compromising, dampening down your inner champion in order to fit in, then work with me in the Deliberate Millionaire fast track program.

Lets dive in together to build a profitable business & create a fulfilling life being the leader you are born to be!

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And to recap, here is what you get…

  1. YES! Business Hero Bootcamp
  2. YES! People Please No More
  3. YES! Build My List Now
  4. YES! Set Up Your Profit-Creating Sales Funnel
  5. YES! Advanced Facebook Training
  6. YES! Master Your Money
  7. YES! Overcome Procrastination
  8. YES! Wake Up to Your Purpose: Create Wealth Doing Exactly What you Love
  9. YES! Fearless Warrior
  10. YES! Turn What You Know Into Wealth

You’ll get all of the above on a weekly basis, in addition to the below:

  1. YES! Weekly business and life training starting with the following ten programs so that you know the ‘how-to’ of business and life up-levelling.
  2. YES! Daily, you receive a mindset or mini business tip as an audio or written post delivered within the private forum
  3. YES! Monthly, you receive a live training call and question & answer session
  4. YES! Instantly get access to the private forum where you can get questions answered on a daily basis, talk about ANYTHING because nothing is sacred in our private Deliberate Millionaire world
  5. YES! You get to take part in the daily check-in and various challenges to keep you motivated. This gets you right into action, avoiding the dreaded procrastination. (Bum- Kicking At Its Best!)
  6. YES! You will have a 30 minute 1-2-1 business planning session with me to support you in putting together a solid plan that you can start implementing immediately. This is something I usually do only for people who work with me on a 1-2-1 level so take advantage of it while it is still on offer.
  7. YES! This is a flexible month to month membership so you can come and go as you please

So… If you are a determined dude/dudette with a burning desire to live a life of purpose, making money, creating freedom in a way that suits you and you are absolutely fed up of conforming, compromising, dampening down your inner champion in order to fit in, then work with me in the Deliberate Millionaire fast track program.

Lets dive in together to build a profitable business & create a fulfilling life being the leader you are born to be!

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