Everyone wants the easy life.

Everyone wants the prosperous life.

Every spirit-driven soul wants to be the wayshower and influencer for others.

And yet, when it comes down to it – Most do not want to walk the path.

They want the end goal without the journey of expansion.

They do not want to transition out of a world where they are slaves of the old system being told what to do, what to think, where to be and when… into a world where they are leaders, creators, deliberate designers of their own free, fulfilled, financially-abundant life.

They want changed circumstances while at the same time continuing to do the same things, be the same person that created their current circumstances.

And most people buy into the idea that someone else is responsible for their fate.

That cannot be you, my love.


And I can honestly tell you that it was me for a long time, even though on the face of it, I looked successful as pharmacist, home owner with cars, housekeeper and still, I was a victim – a slave of the old system. Betraying myself daily to keep up with the rules of church, family, the workplace.

Until I chose to break free.

The actual things you need to do to break free are simple and easy (for instance, listening to programs in the ABUNDANCE LIBRARY – How easy is that?) but the emotional tension and fear can make it all seem like it is too good to be true.

The fact that you, right now, believe that the way you have lived life to date is the ONLY reasonable way to live life, can make the expansion path seem complicated, illogical and scary.

The expansion path is the unknown.

It IS scary when you are sitting on the fence, trying to decide if the pain you are currently in, is better or worse than the pain of expansion.

Because, let’s be honest, you are already in pain.

You are already frustrated that you are not doing the things you thought you would be doing by now.

You are already anxious that some government change or recession or pandemic will come and take away everything you obeyed the rules to create.

You feel disappointed in yourself for not being consistent in creating the life you desire.

You feel resentful of the people around you because you tell yourself that they are holding you back when in truth, you are ALLOWING them to do so.

The bigger the goal, the larger the turbulence you go through to achieve that goal.

But remember, most of that turbulence is emotional. Your crazy fear mind trying to convince you that you are not safe and you need to run back to comfort and the world is all out to get you and so on.

If you could truly lean into the Divine with your mind set on your goal, KNOWING that you are supported, backed up and loved, no matter what it looks like in the physical reality, you would BREAK THROUGH.

Anyone can do this.

We ALL have the power.


Stop reacting all the time.

Get connected to the Divine.

Get clear on your goal.

Heal any obstacles inside of you.

Take inspired action.

This is the Deliberate Millionaire Path to peace and plenty.

You can do this.


I strongly suggest that you start the healing/brain rewiring process with immersion in the ABUNDANCE LIBRARY.

Come leave behind the pain and limiting beliefs of the past.

Come rise victorious in your true design life.

You KNOW you are born for more – Are you about done with putting it off?

There is no time like the present to say YES to the desires of your own awesome heart.

The ABUNDANCE LIBRARY will help you stay the course, if you will very simply be consistent in listening to programs in there.

Go now and start your 7 day trial for just $1 at https://mibusiness.lpages.co/the-abundance-library/

Much Amazing Love

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