You pray and make your requests known.

You affirm that now it is done

And you expect to receive

But time and time again, you have found that the receiving just does not work so easily

You want to believe that it can be that easy

You really truly DESPERATELY want it to be that easy

There is even a part of you that remembers it is supposed to be that easy.

As a spiritual person, you know that you are created in the image and likeness of the Divine and so what you decree is supposed to come to pass

Your spiritual text confirms that all you need to do is ask and believe, in order to receive

And yet, it does not seem to work for you.

It just does not.

Honey, you are missing a step: The clearing of the channel through which you receive that which you desire

The channel is clogged up

You are that channel

‘STUFF’ has happened to you

‘STUFF’ has left its mark on you

‘STUFF’, and all the interpretations you have made about ‘STUFF’, has clogged up your inner world

Nothing can get through your channel

You say you are willing to receive that which you have asked for but ‘STUFF’ makes you hold on tightly to that which you claim to no longer want and so, there is no space for anything new to come through.

You do not need to be perfect and clear away ALL the ‘STUFF’

But you DO NEED to create some room for your desires to come through.

Honey, you need to clean house

It is cluttered with ‘STUFF’














Preoccupation with the past



Plain old fear

And more…

This ‘STUFF’ blocks your receiving channel up.

Imagine trying to suck up your drink through a straw that is clogged with ice

How much energy will it take to get any of your drink up?

What if you cleared out the straw and then tried to drink with it – How much easier would that be?

What if you simply discarded the straw all together and allowed yourself to just drink straight out of the cup – How much FASTER still would you receive the goodness of your drink?

And yet, you have been programmed and conditioned to believe that you must use the clogged up straw.

You do not even see any other choice anymore

It feels logically like this is the only way

And so, here I am, TELLING YOU REPEATEDLY that there is another way to get the drink, an easier way but you do not, cannot believe me.

You want to but the last time you tried to live without the straw, it did not work in the way you thought it should and so, you thought something was wrong and you returned back to programming and promised yourself never to stray off the well-beaten track to nowhere.

I know I am taking this analogy to a whole new weird place but let me keep going here for a moment…

Honey, straw-less living, ‘STUFF’-less living is unfamiliar to you.

You like feeling in control of things you have absolutely NO CONTROL over.

Even if the pretence of control keeps you stuck without your drink, at least, you feel safe with the struggle for a drink.

You are used to struggling

It makes you feel like you are accomplishing something and it gives you something to complain about with other fellow struggle buddies.

When you gave up the straw and had to trust the Divine to work out the details, you got scared as ‘STUFF’ began to be cleared away.

You have lived with ‘STUFF’ for so long now, you have forgotten how to be free

Freedom felt scary

And so you ran back to bondage

It is like the person who has been incarcerated for so long, they just cannot even function outside of prison and so they re-offend quickly in order to be taken back to jail where it feels ‘safe’.

A whole new analogy there…

Bear with me as I try to help you see things through a different lens.

You need to clean house, my love, if you do truly desire the free, fulfilled, financially-abundant, love-drenched life

It is yours by right but it cannot get to you with all the ‘STUFF’ in the way

You need to be willing to give up the ‘STUFF’

You need to be willing to live in the limbo land of change for long enough for change to completely take

You need to trust the Divine to take care of the details that you try so valiantly to control, even though you have no clue about the bigger picture

It will feel tense at times and yet, you must choose to trust and stay the course

The ‘STUFF’ will convince you desperately that it will not, cannot work for you because the ‘STUFF’ wants to stick around, it wants to keep you ‘safe’, it does not want to die.

To ‘STUFF’, being safe means staying the same, staying in the struggle, staying in the drama, staying in the nonsense because it is all you have known and so, it is ‘safe’.

And though you are full of ‘STUFF’, there is a part of you that senses that ‘STUFF’ is a liar.

YOu sense that there is more available to you, if you could just get rid of ‘STUFF’

But ‘STUFF’ is a compelling loud liar whereas the Divine is gentle and allows you free will

You can choose ‘STUFF’ over freedom and you will still be loved

YOu can choose ‘STUFF’ over fulfilment and you will still be loved.

You can choose ‘STUFF’ over financial abundance and you will still be loved and supported in your desire to remain in the struggle

YOu can choose ‘STUFF’ over unconditional love and you will still be loved but you will not know you are

And so, you will feel abandoned by the Divine and you will probably keep trying to control things, people, events that you cannot control because it will feel ‘safe’ to do so

OH, I could go on and on about ‘STUFF’ and how deceptive it can be

But for now, I am done.

The choice is yours.

I know it is a scary choice

‘STUFF’ has been your companion for so long now, you do not remember clearly how to live without it.

But a part of you knows.

Deeply knows that there is more to life than ‘STUFF’

That you are here on planet earth to enjoy being here on planet earth but that ‘STUFF’ stops you from truly enjoying life

And you long for change.

You want MORE than this.

PROGRAMMED TO PROSPER is here to support you in getting clear of ‘STUFF’

As I already said, even as freedom looms, you will feel compelled by ‘STUFF” to return to bondage and it will feel like nothing is changing

Most will return to bondage, telling themselves they tried everything and nothing worked for them

Most will return to bondage because the tension of letting go of ‘STUFF’ will feel like too much and too impossible

And most will think that their specific situation is SOOOO unique that OF COURSE, no one can be expected to stay the course under their uniquely hard circumstances. (This is just another lie of ‘STUFF’)

Oh it breaks my heart when I see them return to the nonsense but I understand how tense it can get on this path to peace & plenty.

And yet, I speak to YOU, the one who will stay the course

The free, fulfilled, financially abundant, love-drenched life awaits you

Not because you did a 4 week bootcamp and so you have pressed the magic button and everything is now gonna be hunky-dory

NOPE, I have no idea about what your personal timeline will be

Join the 4 week ‘Clean and Clear’ bootcamp because you are willing to do what it takes, UNTIL IT TAKES

I equip you with the tools to clean and clear the channel.

I make it simple by being specific about EXACTLY what to work on and EXACTLY how to work on it

I empower you continually within the Incubator

I respond to your questions, celebrate your wins and keep you on track when ‘STUFF’ threatens to take you off-track, as you show up honestly and consistently with your #CheckIns

I pray for you & hold space for you energetically

All you need to do is stay the course

Get on the Deliberate Millionaire path to peace and plenty and do not get off it.

Simple to do

Simple not to do, particularly when ‘STUFF” is telling you to give it up, ‘it ain’t working’, ‘you don’t deserve it’, ‘it is a scam’ and blah, blah, blah.

The choice is yours

“STUFF’ holds the reins of your life, right now – Do you like it?

If you are done with that, come…

Commit to the free, fulfilled, financially abundant, love-drenched life for you and for yours

Break up with ‘STUFF’ with the simple tools I equip and empower you with in PROGRAMMED TO PROSPER at

If you are that driven spiritual person who knows you are meant for more but feels stifled by ‘STUFF’, join in now.

We go live on Monday

All the details are at

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