Better Your Best 2

By June 19, 2012November 14th, 2014My Journey

To continue on from my ‘Better Your Best‘ Post yesterday, I decided to place the video I used as part of my presentation on here for posterity.  Also, lots of people have asked for it in addition to the essay, I put forward for my entry.  Unfortunately, I was not forward thinking enough to record the actual presentation though I will check to see if the organizers of the conference and training have a copy.  I truly hope they do!

Also, here is a copy of the essay I submitted – Better Your Best 2012 Essay by Rosemary N Knight.  Just click on my name.

I hope you find it inspiring in some way.  If you do want to work with me to meet your financial goals then do get in touch, I would love to hear from you.  Looking for something to do with your capital that is being eaten up by inflation, then do get in touch.  If you have a question about anything, I can definitely try to help so get in touch as well. Email me at info (at) or go to the Contact me page

Thanks for your support!

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