Better call Saul, Once upon a time – Oh the choices we need to make

Passion Alone Is Not Enough To Make Your (1)So… I am sitting here with tloml (the love of my life) and we have the house to ourselves!

Woohoo! until 330pm ish when the lovely princesses return from their Girl’s Brigade outing.

And yes, the most exciting thing we can do is have our laptops in front of us as we work on our separate projects and have ‘Better Call Saul’ (TV Programme) on in the background…

This is just tloml’s way of stopping me watching ‘Once Upon A Time’ – All about fairytales and all such stuff – Needless to say, NOT his cup of tea.

Isn’t it funny how we each like different things and it is ok for that to be the case in things like TV programmes but when it comes to building business, everyone wants to be exactly the same. You see someone doing something in a specific way and you think that the only way to get the same success is to copy exactly what they are doing.

And then you wonder why it does not work for you.

I am as guilty as the next person in trying to be the same as everyone else – my current Million Dollar Business Owner Coach & Mentor, other people I stalk on Facebook – I watch what they do and I think that if I do the exact same thing then maybe, just maybe I will get the very same result.

And for a very long time, I tried.

And failed.

And then I really started to study these successful people and the thing that I realised is that, yes, the strategies can be learnt…

There is a lot that they do that is pretty general to most business owners but then, most business owners are not at all succesful. How come?

If it is all about the tips, tricks, strategies, then why is everyone not successful?

The difference actually lies in the person, in them.

The secret sauce is ‘You’

Please don’t get me wrong, you gotta have the knowledge and the marketing system in place and all of that stuff but if that is all you have…

Well, you are on a losing streak.

Tell me, who would you be if you were completely you in business & in life?

Is that person showing up in your business?

Or are you hiding behind strategy and professionalism?

Well, that just makes you plain old boring!

And boring businesses get to compete only on price with customers who do not give a hoot about you or your business and just give you a whole lot of rubbish if you so much as add a cent to your prices or if you, GOD FORBID, make any kind of a mistake…

What are you really scared of?

WHO are you scared of?

So what, if you are the crazy singing, emailing-frequently, entrepreneur mentor that thinks it is possible for everyone to live an amazing, fulfilling, wealthy life (oh yeah, that is me!)

or you are… (fill in the blanks – Do hit reply and tell me how you would end that…)

YOU can create whatever you set your mind to and you can make your business amazing but you have to first believe in yourself, believe in what you bring to the world, believe that if you are here on this planet, it is because you have something that only you can bring.

It is time to be the leader in business that you are created to be. Make money, enjoy it and also live a conscious life that supports the world around you.

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