Did you miss the best time for you to start your own thriving business?

By August 18, 2015May 18th, 2021Self Development

Did you miss the best time for you to start your own thriving business?

You sometimes wonder that, don’t you?

You see other people around you, you watch programs like ‘the Apprentice’, ‘Dragon’s Den” and you wonder if your time came and went.  And you wonder if you are therefore trapped in a life you no longer want, forever.  Is there any hope for you?

And the simple answer is ‘YES’

There is hope.  There are innumerable possibilities available to you if you will get past the fears that drive you…

The fears about the mistakes you made in the past and how they may now play out again…

The fears because you have gone through such a lot and you are scared that you will go back to that dark place where you may not return from.

And yet, I am here to tell you that you did overcome.

You came through and you came through stronger but that is not what you see, is it?

All you see is the pain, the terror, the uncertainty of that time in your life when things seemed to be going out of their way to crush you.  The deadness you felt inside and now finally, you have found a settled place and you want to cling to it with all your might.

You ignore the whisperings in your heart that tell you that it is time to let go.

This place was a haven for a period of time but that time is long gone and you risk turning into a pillar of salt if you do not move.

It is freedom that pounds within your breast though you try to stifle it.

It is untethered joy that wants to take you over.

These are not bad things.  These are things that you crave for but you cling to the certainty of this hidden place – the job that no longer suits, the relationship that is killing you on the inside, the penny-pinching that makes you feel in control – unhappy but in control.  You pile on the pounds because you are out of sync with what your innermost self knows is the right path for you and you keep eating or indulging in some other vice in order to drown out the feelings inside.

Sometimes, it is not a vice.

It is just an activity that you tell yourself is good.  Like going to church all the time, burying yourself in your family dramas, being the one everyone leans on and so on…  On the face of it, these seem good but ultimately, you use them as a protection, a shield and it keeps you from your own calling, your own purpose, your own destiny.

And yet, you still hold on.

You still crave this uncertain certainty.

And you tell yourself that your time has passed.  You missed your moment and now you feel condemned to stay in place, to be trapped, to gradually petrify.

Listen, I am talking to the little tendrils of hope within you.

I call you to listen to your heart.

You know that this place is not where you belong.

There is so much more for you to do.

When you let go of that vice-like hold on yourself, there is a grand vision that presents itself to your mind’s eye, isn’t there? but almost as quickly as you let it out, you tell yourself that it is impossible, your time is over, be real, look at how hard life is right now.  You remind yourself of what happened the last time you went off on some fancy trail of discovery and how you fell crashing down to the ground and you promise yourself that you will never expose your heart in such a manner again.

But you cannot keep that tendril down…

It is playing at your heartstrings…

It is calling you out.

It is telling you to wake up again.

To believe again.

To choose to see again.

To dream again!

And most of all, to take action again.

What happened before does not need to repeat itself.  What happened before, though it may have been painful, has caused you to grow into a powerful being – You are now capable of so much more than you were before life happened.

Like the seed must fall into the ground and die, so you fell and you died and now it is time to wake up and live.

Stop holding on so hard to the shell of the past.  Why do you think that if you let it go, you will forget and make the same mistakes again?  You are no longer the same person!  that person who did that, died and left behind this stronger, more powerful person.  However, you keep holding on to the old.

The time has certainly passed for that old version of you.

The time is NOW for this expanded version of you.

It is enough!  Take off the shell of the past and let the real you shine through.  There is nothing that comes your way that you are unable to contend with.

This is your time!

The world needs your particular brand of awesome.

Dream again, write out those dreams, get support, make a plan and take action.

Please remember.

  1. Your vision is your permission.
  2. You are capable of your calling.
  3. You are much more powerful than you realise.
  4. Yes you can get everything you want.
  5. You are loved. You are enough. You are worthy. You deserve the very best of everything.


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