For so long, I believed in who I ‘could’ be.

I believed in the message I ‘could’ deliver to the world.

I believed in the VIP life I ‘could’ live

I believed in the relationships I ‘could’ have

I believed in the depth of connection with the Divine that I ‘could’ have

I believed in my potential

And so I invested in it.

Which was absolutely great.

But while I continued to believe that it was what I ‘could’ be

It never became what I currently was.

I was always waiting for some future moment when suddenly, everything would be perfect and all of the investment of time and money would finally materialise into realised potential.

I started to get disappointed because it was always just a little bit out of reach

I could see it

But it was never HERE.

The shift came when I stopped believing in my potential

And started believing in my RIGHT NOW self

I started BEING the ‘potential’ me RIGHT IN THIS MOMENT

Nothing changed on the outside in the immediate moment

Everything changed on the inside

And then everything changed on the outside.

You KNOW you are meant for more

But you keep thinking it will happen in the future

Except the future never comes

NOW is the moment to believe in yourself

NOW is the moment to BECOME all that you think you might, ONE DAY, become.

NOW is the moment to start living like the person you KNOW you are

Forget what the physical reality is telling you

Forget what the past is screaming at you

This, right here, is a new moment

See the inner vision and CHOOSE IT NOW

Live from it NOW

Yes, you will feel crazy.

Yes, it will seem like you are ignoring ‘reality’

KNOW THIS – you cannot create a new ‘reality’ while holding on desperately to the old one.

Focus within on your vision

BE THE PERSON NOW that has created the vision


Stop waiting

This is your FREAKING life.


NOW is the time to work with me to rediscover your RIGHT NOW powerful self.

Now is the time to work with me to regain your self-confidence.

Now is the time to work with me to leave behind the pain and limiting stories of the past.


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NOW IS THE TIME TO DECIDE to be all you can be.

Much Amazing Love

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