Everyday, you get a choice

Believe in just the physical reality that is so big, so real, so ‘in your face’ screaming at you to pay attention

Or go within and believe in the vision – the true image of what is possible for you

Your actions will tell you what you have chosen

I faced that choice and still face it every single day

And I can tell you right now, that if I had just paid attention to the physical reality, I would still be a pharmacist, trying desperately to climb the career ladder that others told me, was worth something.  I probably would be ‘winning’ but completely unfulfilled.  Instead, I get to live to my TRUE DESIGN.  I more than replaced my pharmacist income, I won a Porsche Boxster, I home-educate my princesses because I have the freedom to, I travel, I love life and I get to support others in their transition – HOW COOL IS THIS! and absolutely possible for EVERYONE that will choose themselves.

In the transition period when you are designing a new experience of life, it can seem so silly, so crazy, so stupid to believe that you can move away from what seems so real and so the temptation becomes to stay put in the physical reality

And yet, there is a part of you that just cannot do that

It feels so soul-destroying to believe that the current physical reality is all there is

And so, are you willing to stay the course until what you see inside is what you see outside?

Because you know you are capable of creating it

You know, deep down, beyond the fear that you are capable of so much more than you have experienced to date

But the pull of culture, tradition, your learning, your current environment cloud your ability to stay focused on what you now choose to create.

This is when support like a coach, mastermind group or something like that, can really help as most in your current existence will not really get what you are doing.

They will humour you until it impacts on their life then they will strongly dissuade you

It makes it tougher but still not impossible

Turn your back on the crowd.

Forget what they are doing and what they think you should be doing

Stop consuming the stuff that makes you doubt yourself

Stop indulging the fear and instead, cultivate the faith

Cultivate the belief in your powers to bring to life what you desire

Listen to the voice of the Divine within you reminding you of what is possible

Align yourself with your true desires

That is the only real path to happiness

Every other path just leads you to trying to be happy with what you think life has given you and that you have no choice but to accept

It is not true

You have all the choices here

You simply need to stay committed

GO ALL IN and refuse ever to back down

And that takes a relentlessness that is not common

A resilience that goes beyond the norm

We all admire people that have these qualities

Well, now is YOUR time to become the person that wields them and refuses to ever back down

Connect to Source

See the vision

Clean clear any ideas that tell you not to create it or that you cannot create it

And take action

Chip away at the goal

Keep course correcting – yes, you will make mistakes!

Be relentless, tenacious, resilient

I don’t have to tell you that you will get there

YOU KNOW IT, deep inside, you know it

Get to work, my love

I help my clients to deliberately design free, fulfilled, financially abundant and love-drenched lives.

Would you like this to be your story?

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Much Amazing Love

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