Yesterday, I was at a property networking meeting and I sang!


Yep, I launched into song when it came to my 20 second introduction. I had been considering it while driving to the meeting but of course, all the normal voices in my head had arisen to say,


No one will take you seriously…


Your voice is not that great…
You will feel like an idiot…
You need to be super professional…
You need to blend in…


And so on and so forth. And I almost talked myself out of it and then I realized none of the above reasons mattered if I was there to make new connections and to serve the people I am called to serve.


None of it mattered if it mattered more to me to serve than to be served.


None of it mattered if I really truly wanted to create wealth in a way that suits me.


I also then went on to mention it to someone else before the meeting as a means of cementing the idea in my head and challenging myself to stick to my guns.


There is nothing like being accountable to someone else to keep you doing the things you say you want to do.


And so, yep, I went on to sing and then, of course, you get all the people who love what you do that then speak more meaningfully to you – You being you allows others to cut through the pleasantries and start talking about things that really matter.


And yes, you get the ones who think you are a bit of a crackpot and they avoid you like the plague.


And again, that is absolutely fine because, honey, you are not called to serve everyone.


And the quicker you get rid of the tire kickers, the better.


When you start out in business, it is normal to want to get everyone to buy your stuff, to try and get everyone to work with you but what if you realized that you and your business are not right for everyone so it is okay to eliminate quickly the ones who don’t want to work with you.


You don’t have the marketing dollars to reach the world anyway!


When you try too hard to blend in, well… you do! You blend in and no one notices you or you attract people into your business who are hard work to deal with.


Why not just be you? Whatever that is and build a business you actually enjoy?


Now, there is an idea!


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