So… What are You Afraid Of? Being Brave Will Bring you More Prosperity & Peace

Being Brave

This week, being brave has played a huge role in most of the clients/people I have spoken to.  Being Brave enough to choose to be, say, or do whatever is required to move their life forward.

It is not always easy, I KNOW! And yet, I know that in my life, when I face up to my fears about who I am, what I do and particularly, what I say, my business grows, my relationships gets pruned and are better, I become even more free.

Just yesterday, I had a meeting with my accountant and you know that fear you get when thinking about the numbers in your business or the tax you may need to pay…  Well, I faced that and in the end, I left that meeting with a new awareness of where exactly I am ( and it was not bad 🙂 ), and what I want for the coming tax year.

I felt empowered by the knowledge of something that I was running scared of.

Some people live lives full of struggle, difficulty and fear.  It feels like their lot in life.  They accept it, they walk with it, they smile nobly as people point out that they are still standing despite the difficulties.  It becomes a badge of honour.

And yet, in the dark, silent nights or early quiet mornings, whilst they lie in bed, they wonder if this really is all there is.

They look round at other people around them and see the same dissatisfaction that they feel and wonder …

Every so often, they look up and notice other people who seem to be having a whale of a time as they live their life successfully and they wonder why this does not happen for them.

They look back down and keep ploughing through the chain of difficulties that has become their life.

I have clients who lived like this – Clients who when they came to me, they were overwhelmed by their life, their business, their family, their relationships.  In truth, this used to be me before I started to work with my coach.  We all have a story.  We all have a reason to complain.  If that is where we stop, then we are doomed.

I want to invite you to listen to this week’s musical thoughts and spend some time in your journal.  Write down what comes up for you, write down what you want out of life and where you can be brave.

If you are ready to move forward and being brave is something you want to explore then pop over to or and have a powerful coaching session which will leave you with a plan of action and the uumph to get there.

Will YOU start being Brave?

I am Brave! from Rosemary Nonny Knight on Vimeo.

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