Every so often, I receive emails from people who cannot understand why their life is not working when they have been good, nice people all their life, done right by everyone, been selfless, lovely, amazing people ALL THEIR LIFE and YET, still things are not working out for them

They have stood by their partners, only to be abandoned by the partner.

They have given up their dreams for their children, only to be abandoned by their children.

They have been there for every sibling, every cousin, every friend WHENEVER they were needed, only to be betrayed at the drop of a hat by these very same people.

They have given every evening, every weekend, every vacation day in service to their local religious organisation, only to be ousted the moment their use was no longer required or for whatever spurious reason.

They have prayed and meditated and appeased their higher power in every way they know how, they have tried sooooo hard to be perfect and still, somehow their life is a struggle and they are getting older and nothing is getting all that much better.

I could go on with all the examples of people who thought that being the nicest person on the block should be enough for them to prosper.  They all tend to find out, sooner or later, that it don’t work that way.

And yes, it can seem unfair, totally, completely unfair.

And you can keep harping on/complaining about the unfairness of life, if you like or you can see that BEING NICE IS NOT ENOUGH.

YOu have to actually demand what you want out of life or else, you can be ABSOLUTELY SURE that you will not get it.

Stop waiting for your higher power to just hand over all the goodies when you do not have the courage to ask for what you truly want.

Stop cloaking your neediness & codependence in being a good, nice, perfect person.

Stop thinking that being nice exempts you from LIVING YOUR OWN LIFE!

Notice all that resentment that you live with, because I KNOW IT IS THERE, my love.

ADMIT that all this niceness and goodness does not feel good.  It takes courage to admit your humanity and yet, it is step one to creating the life you want.

The Divine will never force your hand.

You will be unconditionally loved, even if you persist in going through life pretending to be something you are not.

But you don’t have to.

You can actually choose to be selfish, demanding and proud about who you are.

Yes, you can.

And guess what, you would actually serve a lot more people by being YOUR TRUE SELF rather than this martyr that you persist in pretending to be.


You deserve the best.  You are SO WORTHY of the best.

But you will only get it if you are willing to CLAIM IT

No one can force it upon you.

If you keep pretending to be content with nothing, you will keep getting nothing.

If you will not respect yourself, then you will keep attracting people who also disrespect you.

The choice is yours, my love.

What will it be?

Surely, it is time to remember who you are.  I strongly suggest you get a copy of I AM ONE WITH THE DIVINE as a starting place for remembering your true design nature.

Listen to it repeatedly.

Let the affirmations, the music, the decrees start to transform you from the inside out so that you begin rebuilding your confidence and asking for what you actually want from life.

Get your copy of this EMPOWER EXPERIENCE audio meditation for just $7 / £5 at https://mibusiness.lpages.co/empower.

Remember to listen repeatedly.

Much Amazing Love



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